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This game is an easy way for couples to explore sensual foreplay in a fun and relaxed way. It provides not only suggestions for a variety of foreplay actions, but also all the tools you need to perform them, packaged in a convenient travel-sized box.


Brilliant concept. Game provided fun foreplay.


The box and vibe were faulty. Silver from the origami gets on your hands.

Best use:

Be it for a hot date or a quiet night at home, the Indulgences Sensual kit gives you plenty of inspiration for a sensual foreplay session. This would be excellent for couples who are just learning to explore one another, as well as seasoned couples who want something to break their normal bedroom routine.

People with allergy concerns should be aware that this kit includes condoms made of latex, and a lube sample that contains parabens. If these ingredients are a problem, you can simply use your own condoms or lube and still be able to enjoy the game.
  • Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity:

    The water-based lube is about the consistency of cooking oil and a little bit stringy but not tacky. It feels silky on the skin and stays in place fairly well.

    The plastic bullet vibrator has a very slight texture to it, but it's not noticeable when in use.

  • Taste / Aroma:

    Neither the origami piece, the feather, nor the bullet vibe had any noticeable smell.

    The lube had a taste reminiscent of postage stamp glue, and a mild but not unpleasant scent that resembled that of an elastomer toy.

  • Performance:

    Game play is simple. In fact, if you ever played with those origami "Fortune Tellers" in school, then you've already got the idea. You hold the opposite outer corners of the pre-folded game piece and then move your fingers to open and close it, alternating between a front-to-back and side-to-side motion and following the game play steps like so:

    1. Have your partner choose one of the four words that are printed on the top of the game piece.
    2. Spell the choice out, opening and closing the game piece as described above for each letter.
    3. Have your partner choose one of the numbers that will be revealed inside the game piece after you finish step 2, then open and close the game piece as before, that many times.
    4. Repeat step 3.
    5. Pick a final number from the ones that are revealed, then lay the decoder flat and open correspondingly-numbered flap to unveil its commands (tickle back, kiss fingers, buzz nipples, etc).

    There is another variation of game play suggested too, which involves playing twice before you follow the command; One player plays and their results determine the action you will perform, then the other partner plays to reveal the body part you will do it to. The great thing is, there is no time limit set for how long you perform these actions, so you can enjoy it as long as you'd like.

    We were unable to test the performance of the bullet vibe due to the product being defective, but it normally requires three LR44 watch batteries and features a push-button controller on the end to cycle through its five speeds.

    The 3" long feather teaser has thread wrapped around the bottom 3/4" or so, giving you a bit to hold onto with your fingertips. It stayed intact and held its shape well through extended play.

    The lube remained nice and slick for a good amount of time, though reactivating it with water didn't make it last much longer. It rinsed off very easily afterward, and left no residue at all.

  • Packaging:

    The Indulgences Sensual Kit comes in a clear plastic box measuring 5-1/2" long x 2" wide and 3/4" deep, and it is intended to be the permanent storage case for the set. It is small enough for travel, but we found that there were issues with the clasp that holds it shut.
    Inside is a tiny white disposable cardboard box that contains a pair of Durex condoms, and a .13 oz. soft packet of water-based lube. All of the other items are arranged neatly without individual packaging.

    Instructions for playing the game are printed on under the origami piece's pockets, and it takes a bit of maneuvering to be able to see them.

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  • Experience:

    Michele says:
    Our experience with playing the game itself and using the kit's contents were two separate things. In general, the game really does make for some creative foreplay, and we even discovered a couple of new things we liked because of it. I can’t help but think this would be a cool gift to give at a bachelorette party, because the suggestions for play are rather tame but nice. However, we must have gotten a "dud" as far as contents go.

    First of all, there was barely any lip for the storage box's clasp to hold onto, so there's no way to keep it shut without wrapping a rubber band around it. The origami piece is just medium-weight paper (think standard white envelope) and it has no protective coating whatsoever, so if you get any lube on your hands during play you have to make sure you've washed and dried them well before you pick it up again. They'd have done better to have used some sort of glossy paper. Even worse, the silvery stuff that they used for the designs on it came off on our hands; not drastically, but it was noticeable on our fingers in the light. Since we have no idea what that stuff actually is, we kept feeling the need to wipe our hands off before touching anywhere intimate.
    The real disappointment was the bullet vibe though; ours didn't work. We even went out and bought new batteries for it, but it was definitely a D.O.A. If we hadn't have had our own bullet vibes on hand, the game play would have been hampered significantly since some of the actions require it.

    Alan says:
    The concept of this product is a good one, but I agree that the quality was questionable. It was also hard to read the instructions, because they're printed up under the pockets and not all in one place.
    The game gets a bit repetitive if you play it using the method of one partner choosing the action and the body part too, but if you use the alternate method it keeps things pretty interesting. The possibilities are nearly endless when using it that way, and the game can go on for as long as you want it to. One thing that really impressed me about the contents of the kit was the lube. I couldn't use it on Michele's intimates because of the parabens, but I really liked how it felt.

    In spite of the problems we encountered, we agreed to give this product three stars because overall the game was enjoyable.

  • Other
    Kit includes:
    Feather tickler, Bullet, 2 latex condoms, Water based lubricant, Love decoder.
    Feather / Latex / Plastic
    Material safety
    2 1/2"
    2 1/4"
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
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