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Ever since Marc Antony first fed Cleopatra grapes, sensual foods have been intertwined with romance. InterCourses: an aphrodisiac cookbook follows suit, bringing more than 85 heart-melting dishes to the table, the bed, or wherever one might be entertaining.

Each chapter delves into the history of aphrodisiacs, alongside results and hints from participating testing couples. To help the love-hungry integrate these sensual foods into their lives, InterCourses also contains numerous reference guides that match the perfect aphrodisiac with any occasion, time of day, season of year, or even the astrological sign of a partner. For the adventurous, InterCourses includes non-edible massage oil recipes, as well as an index of dishes that work just as well on the body as they do on the plate.

But the cherry on top, so to speak, is the array of full-color photographs that reveal a new side to seemingly normal food. And what a side it is.

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    Martha Hopkins / Randall Lockridge
    Publication date:
    1997 year
    9 1/2"
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    9 1/2"

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