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"Turn on your love life" with this cute heart adorned light bulb. This 25 watt bulb is set in a dark red tone that will bring a stunning color to any encounter. As well, the bulb is accented by several white hearts that, when turned on, will shine throughout the room along with the red tint. Perfect for that romantic night with a special someone.

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    • Love2Thrill
      Advanced reviewer, rank 4.1/10

      I dressed in my sexy lingerie and waited patiently for my boyfriend to come home. When he did, I called him to the bedroom. He asked, "What's this?" I told him that I wanted him to know how special he was to me and that I thought he deserved a romantic night of lovemaking. I also told him that I received a light bulb for our pleasure.

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    • Cute.
    • anonymous
      This is way better than my old light bulb, which was blue and looked like lightning was in my room. This one is a bit more....romantic. He thought it was kinda girly though
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