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Many long-term couples are all too familiar with the classic bedroom balancing act - managing His and Her sex drives. As men clamor for more action and women grumble more sleep, the topic of "maintenance sex" - those dutiful two minutes to "get it over with"- invariably arises to divide and conquer a couple's sex life.

Yet as Don and Debra Macleod reveal in Lube Jobs, maintenance sex can be an exciting and loving way to jump-start a stalled sex life. And if it's done right, it can be fun for both parties. Indeed, just as the sleekest luxury car requires routine tune-ups for smooth performance, so does a long-term relationship require lube jobs for friction-free love life.

Part saucy sex manual, part relationship survival guide, Lube Jobs includes a provocative menu of twenty ready-made "lube jobs" consisting of naughty sex scenarios, bedroom-toy tips, sexual techniques, and erotica. Each lube job inspires a woman to embrace maintenance sex as a critical aspect of her committed relationship, and shows her how to infuse it with spontaneity and affection. Throughout the book are poignant, and sometimes hilarious, stories of couples struggling to find their own balance in the bedroom.

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    Don and Debra Macleod
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    2007 year
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    • Naughty Student
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.7/10

      This novel is great to have by your bedside to give your routine a twist, but mainly to ensure that your man is satisfied if you have been neglecting your sexual encounters. It gives hot sexy scenarios and really motivates you to sexually please your man and make him know the burning desire you have for him has never died.

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