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Lube Jobs for Inspiration!

This novel is great to have by your bedside to give your routine a twist, but mainly to ensure that your man is satisfied if you have been neglecting your sexual encounters. It gives hot sexy scenarios and really motivates you to sexually please your man and make him know the burning desire you have for him has never died.
Adaptable to all couples, true stories, sex coupons, erotica.
Terms seemed to be used interchangeably in confusing manner.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
First of all, I want to clarify my understanding of what a quickie is and what maintenance sex is because the authors use these two terms interchangeably. For me a quickie is the spontaneous and fast-finishing kind of sex. I see it as a sex that you do on the go whenever you’re in the mood and have to hurry up. Maintenance sex to me is the kind of sex a woman will give her man when she is tired and exhausted but will have sex to get it out of the way so the man will stop nagging.

The authors in general describe it in a similar fashion. Since they use the terms quickie and maintenance sex interchangeably, it gets sort of confusing and deviates from what I think maintenance sex and quickies are. What they try to get through though is that women must indulge their man if they have been neglecting him and they give suggestions on how to do it.

Now, this book is most useful for women who have been in long term relationships of 8 years and up. It is not for couples who have sexual dysfunctions but for couples who lost the spark that they wish to reignite. This book is a guide arranged in four categories (manual stimulation, fellatio, accessories and sexual intercourse) containing 5 lube jobs each. A lube job is a chapter containing a couples experience where they hit a dry patch in there libido due to life stressors and how they managed to rebuild the fire that stopped burning. Also, one chapter contains 3 erotic stories and the last section contains maintenance sex coupons that fit with the lube jobs in the novel. There are some coupons with nothing written on it so that you can create your own sex coupons.

It helps women satisfy their man sexually by giving different scenarios that are played out with all the sexy juicy details. It targets women because they state that women are more likely to put the breaks on sex and if prolonged for a long time that my leave our partner unsatisfied. The authors suggest props, how to use them, and where to get them. The scenarios are really open to creativity so that you can make it work for you and your partner. The scenarios are played out according to the theme of getting a tune up on your car which is a metaphor for your relationship. For example the chapter called “Jump Start” tells you that in order to start a stalled engine, you have to jump start it. In context of the relationship they say to jump start the relationship by trying shower sex in the morning.
The scenarios seem pretty basic at first glance but the authors touch in a beginner kind of fashion on topics such as S&M, money shots, anal play, and choosing the right sex toys for you. They also talk about how certain men feel may in certain situations (I don’t want to generalize here) that I have not thought of before. For example spitting your partners cum in the sink after a blow job may make him feel like you don’t like how he tastes and he may be hurt and offended. It’s nice that the novel is written by a couple using stories of real couples because it is written so that you get the female and male's perspective. The main focus is on improving a stalled sex life and working through rough patches of the relationship by using planned out sex scenarios (which to me is not maintenance sex).

It really is a wonderfully written book with a lot of intelligent humor and it is a fun read. It’s the kind of novel that you will want to keep on your bedside table to give you new ideas; although they may be simple you can amp them up. I found a lot of the suggestions to be things I have already done in the past or things I am simply not interested in doing, but the ideas suggested are open enough to be adaptable to whoever reads the novel. I really like this book for the stories and the suggestions, it makes me want to please my man and take him by surprise with all the sexy new scenarios. I will write a follow up once I have tried a few.
Follow-up commentary
It's a cute book that inspires trying new things but after a while it gets annoying shuffling through chapters trying to find a tip. I would rather a book that doesn't read like a book and its pages are filled with tips.

I don't like it anymore for what I am basically lookingy for which is a book with tips I can just shuffle through quickly.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    Is it just me, or does this sound kind of like it's written by/for men who want to convince their female partners that the onus of revving up a sex life is on them?
  • Naughty Student
    I partly agree on that. To me it really felt like a book written by a woman who wanted to make sure her man was satisfied in bed because she kept putting on the breaks. I feel like I am like that a lot in my relationship (in terms of turning down sex because I am tired, not in the mood, etc) I have the big end of the stick when it comes to what when and how we have sex.

    I do agree that in some relationships though, the man may be the one who needs a kick in the derriere to rev it up. Sometimes we reach a sort of comfort zone with our partner that may make us see our partner in a less sexual and arousing way but the book deals with that as well. As I said it's not neccesairly for every one but I definitely enjoyed it.
  • Naughty Student
    Don't get me wrong, I am a feminist and I take the novel light heartedly and without taking everything seriously. I don't find it to be debasing myself to ensure my partner is having good sex when he needs it. This book actually made me feel sexualy empowered knowing I was the one who had control in bed.
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Yay for women carrying the larger end of the sex stick. :) I mean this light heartedly as well.
  • Epiphora
    I dunno. I still have a hard time with the concept.
  • Naughty Student
    E. I found that some parts of the book did not fit with my schema of my relationship but I still found it nice to read people's point of views and the tricks they got. I knew in a way that this book might not apply to me since I have been in a serious relationship for only a few years. I mainly like it for the tips and ideas.
  • Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)
    Great review and fascinating premise for a book!
  • Naughty Student
    I agree!
  • Victoria
    Thanks for the follow up Smile
  • SexyStuff
    Thanks for the review
  • darkkitty
    Nice review!
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