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One of the most impressive hi-tech pumps on the sex toy market, the top-of-the-line Robo suck 2™ sucks strokes and vibrates. "If it did any more, you'd need a license to operate it" is the apt description of it's capabilities on the box.

Here's how it works: A large remote pack with two multi-speed slider controls on either side operate suction and stroking functions.

The nubby jelly sleeve that the penis is inserted to is also a great way to enhance and facilitate erections.

The suction control simulates sucking action, and this also enlarges your penis by increasing blood flow.

This is "the first masturbator that truly strokes and vibrates at the same time," and the way this works is the vibrations are conducted through a ring around the sleeve that you can slide up and down to simulate a real blow job.

Generally, men use sex toys less often than women, but that's probably just because a toy this good has never come along, until now.

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  • Properties

    Control type:
    Control pack
    Multispeed / Stroking / Sucking / Vibrating
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
    Powered By:
    Jelly / Plastic
    2 lb
    3 1/2"

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    Customer comments

    • t
      this thing sucks, it doesn't really give any good feeling at all. :(
    • dissapointed
      Don't buy this. its really bad. the suction only works if you press it hard agains your base, and the stroker has no power at all, its really really bad, not worth the 70 bucks.
    • anonymous
      when will they learn, we want a device to put on the penis that will fully automatically simulate a nice tight lipped blowjob with automatic stroking action.
    • anonymous
      this sucks in all the wrong ways
    • Angry Man
      Angry Man
      It is really lame.. It doesn't feel good at all.. No suction at all. The vibrating action is just annoying. It kind of hurt, and not in a good way. Plus it is so loud I am sure that the neighbors in the next state heard it.
    • anonymous
      Worst money i ever spent. Practically no suction at all, it was loud, the stroking motion wasn't even a stroke. It didn't go up and down. This is a great job by the designers to make a product that looks like it works, when in fact it fails in eveyr way possible. I would give it a rating of 0 if i could.
    • jacxpert
      I would caution anyone writing a negative review of a blow job simulator from saying that it "sucks" since that is what it's SUPPOSED to do.
    • stupid_shopper
      I should have listened to the warnings. I will no longer shop at a store that even offers products this shitty.
    • Eden Fantasys Product Specialist
      Eden Fantasys Product Specialist
      We are sorry for this product. Because it is made by Doc Johnson, we thought that the quality is assured, but apparently - nothing is assured. Thank you all. We will take this product down.
    • B
      Shouldnt even be for sale, IT SUCKS, DONT BUY
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