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If you've watched TV or movies lately, you've probably noticed that zombies are in. However, up until recently you couldn't get off with the undead. Finally, Fleshlight has tamed the mindless killers for your pleasure. A major improvement over coitus with the walking dead, the Zombie features a unique texture with a variety of intense sensations. The SuperSkin construction feels realistic and is free of latex and phthalates. Though demanding in upkeep, at least your Zombie never needs brains.


Excellent internal texture, safe materials, no undead smell.


Glow-in-the-dark would be a better match for the series, vent cap needs improving.

Best use:

Just in time for Halloween, Fleshlight has released a new line of fanciful masturbators with horror themes. The line up includes the Zombie, Frankenstein, Drac, and Cyborg. Each model features a unique take on the vulva (Lady) opening, as well as interior textures not found in any other Fleshlights.

For those who aren't familiar with Fleshlights, they are a type of male masturbator that has a soft, realistic-feeling insert supported by a hard plastic exterior case. After applying lube to the Fleshlight and to one's penis, the Fleshlight can be manipulated to stroke the user, or the case can be held in place while the user thrusts into it. The shape and hardness of the case makes it possible to wedge it between cushions, mattresses, etc. for a hands-free experience. The cap on the far end of the Fleshlight allows the user to adjust the suction level, altering to a degree the sensation experienced. The cap on the larger end covers the opening to keep it dust-free and discreet while not in use. As with traditional masturbation, the experience is suited for solo as well as partnered play.

Pictured below is the Zombie closed for storage and open for use.

Zombie Case Zombie Opening
  • Material / Texture:

    The Zombie's inner sleeve is constructed of SuperSkin, Fleshlight's patented elastomeric gel that is used in all of their models. The exact composition is not disclosed, but users will be pleased to know that SuperSkin does not contain phthalates or latex. SuperSkin has a faint sweet-powdery smell that is neither offensive nor noticeable during use. The material does not have a noticeable taste, aside from a slight chalkiness from the cornstarch on the surface that keeps the material soft and non-sticky. The stretchy material feels realistic and is particularly convincing when moistened with a good water-based lube. The realism is further enhanced if you take Fleshlight's advice to warm up the sleeve in a bowl of warm water prior to playing. You could also try chilling the sleeve in cold water to emphasize the undead characteristics of the Zombie.

    As mentioned previously, the new Fleshlight Freaks series features unique interior textures. The Zombie uses the "Necro Feelya" texture, which is a combination of an intensely textured and ridged first few inches, followed by the wavy "Forbidden" texture for the remaining length of the sleeve. Upon searching though all of the Fleshlight variants, the first texture appears to be completely original, while the Forbidden is used in the anal versions of the Fleshlight Girls series (such as the Misty Stone Backdoor Fantasy). The two textures work well together to allow for different sensations available in the same toy. Shallowly penetrating the Zombie allows for intense stimulation of the head of the penis, similar to the feeling of oral. Penetrating more deeply spreads the stimulation out over the entirety of the penis, with the first texture providing additional stimulation to the shaft, a feeling comparable to anal.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Shape / Design / Size / Fit:

    Admittedly, the design of the Zombie is probably polarizing. The idea of sex with a zombie doesn't leave much middle ground; looking directly and the opening, you are either turned on by torn labia and wrinkled flesh or repulsed by it. However, this concern dissipates quickly once you're inside, as the Zombie's distinguishing features are not really visible during use. Additionally, I've found that the interior design of the Zombie has quickly become my favorite out of my collection of four Fleshlights.

    The Zombie is designed to be one-size-fits-all. The length from the opening to the end of the sleeve is about 9". Though initially small, the opening is very stretchable. Pictured below is the Zombie with the Vixen Lone Star, the diameter of which is 1-7/8". The Zombie readily accepts the thick Lone Star without complaint, and without damage to the opening.

    Lone Star and Zombie Lone Star in Zombie

    Though Fleshlights are intended to be discreet by resembling a flashlight, they are quite large, making them difficult to conceal. Additionally, the case is labeled "Fleshlight". The overall level of discretion would be passable among other items on a shelf, but you wouldn't want to leave it out as the centerpiece on a table. The hard case makes the toy durable for travel, but be prepared for it to take up a bit of space in your luggage. As one of the most popular male masturbators sold, TSA agents are probably used to seeing Fleshlights on a regular basis; however, having the option, I would put the Zombie in a checked bag.

    Fits up to:
    Any size
    Vaginal depth:
    7 3/4"
    2 lb
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    As mentioned previously, in spite of its outer appearance, the Zombie has become one of my favorite Fleshlights, due to its excellent internal texture. As with similar models, the Zombie is relatively quiet to operate. Rather than the loud slurping noises some sleeves cause, the Zombie just makes a slight wheezing sound, mostly from the air passing through the vent cap. I would suppose this adds to the realism of being pleasured by an undead pussy. The vent cap is adjustable to allow variation in suction levels, though the ability to fine tune the suction is limited. Even with the cap tightly closed, it still lets air through and prevents one from achieving a strong vacuum. That said, one can vary the sensation to some degree, so it's worth messing around with the setting of the cap. Another way to alter the experience is to try different lubes (water-based only). Lubricants that are less slick will have more drag and allow you to feel more of the texture, while more slippery lubes will make fast and deep thrusting more pleasant. Of all the lubes I've tried with my Fleshlights, I find Maximus to be the most balanced sensation-wise and the longest lasting.

    Special Features:
    • Lubricant included
  • Care and Maintenance:

    Fleshlight's signature SuperSkin material requires more detailed care than most other masturbator materials, such as TPR. Because SuperSkin is made from a gel of mineral oils, only water-based lubes may be used. Oil or silicone-based lubes will harm the material. Soaps and detergents will also cause damage. To clean the Zombie, the manufacturer recommends removing the insert from the case, flushing it with just warm water, then letting the sleeve dry before reinstalling it into the case. To help the sleeve dry on the inside, and to keep it a bit cleaner, Fleshlight recommends that you use a small amount of isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. After shaking out the excess water, I typically hold the sleeve over the sink and squirt about half an ounce of alcohol though the opening, then let the sleeve dry on the counter for a couple of hours before re-inserting it into the hard exterior case. Once reassembled, I leave the caps slightly loose to promote air circulation during storage.

    In the event that you want to clean the insert to a greater extent, the manufacturer sells "Fleshwash" which is an anti-bacterial fluid (triclosan, the typical anti-bacterial agent in liquid hand soaps). However, be aware that SuperSkin is not capable of being thoroughly sterilized, and should not be shared.

    Over time, after repeated use and cleaning, SuperSkin will start to get sticky, which causes the material to feel less realistic. The stickiness can be avoided by lightly dusting the exterior of the sleeve with cornstarch. I recommend getting a cheap paintbrush and "painting" the dry sleeve with cornstarch over the kitchen sink or garbage bin. Others advise putting the sleeve in a large bag and shaking it with a small amount of cornstarch.

  • Packaging:

    The Zombie arrives in a metal cylinder, similar in construction to a tall coffee tin, with a metal lid. The cylinder is of sturdy construction and could easily be used to store the Zombie or other items. As part of the Fleshlight Freaks series, the packaging is finished in metallic green and black, with graphite-gray silhouettes of nude models accenting the Fleshlight brand name (in silver). An adhesive label provides specific information as to which Fleshlight is contained within. While the tin is attractively designed, it lacks in discretion, and may need some additional packaging if you plan to give the Zombie as a gift.

    For more detailed information about caring for the Zombie, you can reference the Care and Usage Guide found inside. The guide is quite useful, and has useful pictures accompanying the text. While the guide includes a bit of information about other Fleshlight models, it leaves out the Freaks series. This seems like a lost opportunity to encourage recipients of the Zombie to consider buying other models in the series. There is also no reference to the matching Freaks-series dildos also made by Fleshlight.

    Very important: make sure you remember to remove the plastic rod that secures the inside of the Zombie during shipping. Failure to remove before penetration may be painful or injurious.

  • Personal comments:

    It was somewhat disappointing that Fleshlight's spurt of creativity in designing the sleeves of the Zombie and other Freaks models did not carry over to the case. Unlike the Fleshlight Girls cases, which are distinguished by their pearlescent white exteriors, the Fleshlight Freaks series gets only the standard black case. It seems only appropriate that the Zombie and others in this lineup should have glow-in-the-dark cases. With all of the effort that went into the series' outer and internal textures, as well as the labels and marketing materials, the case used seems like an afterthought.

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