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Fleshlight ice lady crystal

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Why you'd want to buy a clear version of the Fleshlight is a very individual question; but what's certain is that you'll get the same top-notch performance, function and feel as any of the other products in the Fleshlight range. This is a masterful product given a unique, transparent twist.


Classic Fleshlight performance with an awesome clear, icy material.


Very few flaws, except possibly the involved care and maintenance.

Best use:

So the stunning Fleshlight ice lady crystal is a Fleshlight - enough said. Just like Apple and Porsche, you know automatically with the name "Flashlight" that you're going to get a top-notch male masturbation product that pretty much blows the competition out of the water.

So what's different about this one? And why should you consider the Fleshlight ice lady crystal rather than any of the many other Fleshlight products?

For me, the answer was "movies." Product testing and late-night movie-going might sound like a weird combination; but in the example of the Fleshlight ice lady crystal, it worked beautifully.

This is because the movie in question was X-Men: First Class, featuring frosty femme fatale Emma Frost. I went to see it late on Saturday night and developed an instant crush on this sexy spy, played by Mad Men alumni January Jones. Her secret mutant power was the ability to turn herself into an indestructible diamond substance - which meant, even before the movie had finished, that the special-edition Fleshlight ice lady crystal suddenly seemed to the perfect way to fulfill an Emma Frost/January Jones fantasy.

Which, once I'd returned home stinking of popcorn, is exactly what I did.
  • Material / Texture:

    The Fleshlight ice lady crystal is built to the same specifications of traditional flashlights, with one notable difference. While retaining the rigid outer shell and deliciously flesh-like interior, all the components are rendered in a translucent crystal color; meaning you can actually see what's going on 'inside.'

    It's a really unique twist, and because the clear materials magnify anything seen through them, highly flattering for even modestly-endowed men.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
    Nubbed / Ribbed / Smooth
  • Shape / Design / Size / Fit:

    Fleshlight has always been the leader in terms of shape, design, size and fit. The Ice lady crystal is no exception. Long enough to comfortably accommodate any penis shorter than a Kentucky Derby winner, the Ice lady crystal features the same adjustable grip (controlled by twisting the knob at the top of the casing) for a sublime custom experience that can be altered depending on your fantasy (looser for imagining a lusty blow-job, tighter for fantasizing about exquisite anal.)

    Like all Fleshlights, this toy is about the size of a big flashlight, but discrete and perfect for traveling.

    Fits up to:
    Vaginal depth:
    7 3/4"
    1 lb
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    Special Features:
    • Realistic design
    • Texturized
  • Care and Maintenance:

    Like with all Fleshlights, care and maintenance is the most frustrating part of the Fleshlight ice lady crystal. After each and every use, you'll have to run it through water and dry it thoroughly for the next time. Corn starch is a good way to preserve the texture and touch; but risks making the beautiful clear material cloudy and opaque. It certainly makes it less casual a masturbation tool that your trust left (or right) hand - but still worth it because of the sublime performance.

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