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Fleshlights are are made for one purpose, to get you off and that they do. It's no wonder why they have sold more than four million and counting. The Pure, while it looks like something a cop would have with coffee, is not to be overlooked. The entrance is a little bigger, easier to get into and the texture feels very nice. Add in the incredibly life like Superskin and you have one masturbator that is sure to please.


Texture, life like feel of Superskin, ease of use.


Makes me crave doughnuts.

Best use:

Your partner is out of town or maybe she is just not in the mood, what do you do? Invite Rosy and her five sisters to the bedroom? Why not invite the Pure instead? She is eager to please, super easy to use and so versatile that really there are few better choices. Besides, you and Rosy need some time apart.

Fleshlights can be used in so many ways; by hand, wedged between some cushions in the couch, by your partner. You can stroke up and down, twist them and a combination of both. All will do the job intended. Just add some water based lube and let your imagination go wild.
  • Material / Texture:

    Superskin is probably one of the best materials you will find to mimic real live skin. Run the sleeve under some warm water and add some warmed lube and aside from a pulse you might actually believe you are screwing a real person. Superskin is latex free and non-allergenic so there should be no bad reactions. There is a light smell and only a hint of taste, nothing bad just something you may notice. Certainly nothing that will make you shy away from using it.

    Inside the doughnut shaped entrance your penis is meet by a series of zig-zag shaped ribs for the first couple of inches followed by regular ribs for the rest of the toy. About 3/4 of the way through the sleeve the canal gets tighter and the ribs are flatter and wider.

    Your Fleshlight will come from the factory with a powder applied to keep the material from being sticky. A simple rinse with warm water will remove the powder and it will be ready to go. After use and cleaning a light dusting of cornstarch or powdered lube will keep the material feeling like new.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
  • Shape / Design / Size / Fit:

    The trade mark of all Fleshlights is the case in which it gets its name: to some it may not look like any flashlight they have seen but it does look like one - one that is on steroids. On one end you will find the large cap, just a quarter turn and you will find the entrance of the sleeve. On the small end there is a threaded cap that can be used to provide different degrees of suction, keep tight for the best suction or loosen for less. Another option is to take the small cap off and insert an egg vibrator, this gives you some extra stimulation and the added benefit of suction all at the same time.

    The texture inside your sleeve feels great whether you are stroking fast or slow. The first section of zig-zags feel especially nice using a twisting motion - think starting a fire with a stick. Since there is a generous amount of Superskin at the entrance you can pound away and you have a nice cushion that feels similar to a real body.

    To the casual observer it may look like a big flashlight but upon a closer look they will find the Fleshlight name along the side. So it may not be the bet thing to leave out or to keep it in your carry-on luggage. The good news though is due to the hard plastic case you can stuff it anywhere with no worries.

    Black / Pink
    Fits up to:
    Any size
    Anal depth:
    8 3/4"
    1 lb
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    For some the suction can not be felt till they loosen the cap, we are not talking Shop Vac here, ya know? To get the best suction, close the small cap and wrap a piece of tape around the seam. Then the only place it can get air will be from the large end where the sleeve meets the case, of course if your tool is stroking away not much air will get in.

    The sleeve can be use outside of the case but it can be a two handed affair. Using it this way will provide some user controlled tightness.

  • Care and Maintenance:

    Superskin is one of the only materials that comes with the recommendation to NOT use soap or toy cleaners. It is advised to just rinse out the sleeve with warm water and allow to dry. Use your fingers or a dildo to reach all the way inside the sleeve for best results. If more thorough cleaning is required you can use some isopropyl alcohol. For the most part as long as you allow it to dry you should not have many problems.

    A couple suggestions for drying. Shake off as much of the water as you can then use a hair dryer set to no heat, compressed air to blow it out or insert the sleeve into the case so that the large outer ribs are resting on the top of the case and stand on the small end with the cap removed. This will allow the water to drip out and air to circulate speeding the drying time. Just do not store it wet as mold can form and thus ruin the sleeve.

    Only use water based lubes with your Fleshlight, other lubes may degrade the Superskin.

  • Packaging:

    Your Pure will come in a large tin adorned with the Fleshlight name on the front and a picture of the sleeve (showing the texture), a description and some use instructions. The tin is a combination of black and green coloring and is great to use as storage or for knickknacks. Inside the tin you will find the toy, and sample packet of lube, a card showing different products that Fleshlight sells and the care/use instructions.

  • Experience:

    I enjoyed this texture a lot - it is pretty stimulating and feels good. Like most Fleshlights I have used I wish it was tighter. Using a few spare C-rings or even some plastic wrap helps in the department. I think that adding some more ribs to the outside of the sleeve would help out here. Using my Clear cased Fleshlight Ice lets me see just how much the material squishes inside the case. If only they could use some kind of dual density to keep the entrance soft and the rest of the sleeve tighter. I think it would help to feel the texture more while keeping the life like feel.

    On a funny note, after my first use of the Pure. As I was heading to the sink to clean it up I noticed that with all the lube smeared over the entrance area it looked like a pink Krispy Kream doughnut. To this day that is all I can think of when I see it.

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