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O'Doyle's stout

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The Sex In A Can series is a line of Fleshlights that are more compact while maintaining the realistic feel and performance of the original Fleshlight. The Stout has a realistic anal opening surrounded by soft, phthalate/latex-free SuperSkin. The mini-forbidden texture is shorter and narrower than the regular forbidden. While most users will appreciate ease of handling the lesser length of the Stout (about 2 inches shorter), the interior is noticeably tighter and may be uncomfortable for some.


More compact, good for travel, realistic opening and material, improved vent design.


Opening is small, tighter than regular forbidden texture, can's label should be more discreet.

Best use:

The Fleshlight O'Doyle's Stout is part of Fleshlight's Sex In A Can series. A different style than the original Fleshlights, which resemble flashlights, the models in the Sex In A Can series are instead disguised as tall beer cans. Compared to other Fleshlights, the Sex In A Can line is smaller, both in size of case and orifice, as well as interior.

The Stout is newly offered by EdenFantasys. Eden has carried the Lady Lager, featuring a semi-realistic vulva, and the Succu Dry, a vampire-inspired mouth. The Stout completes the Trifecta by adding to the lineup a realistic butt.

For those who aren't familiar with Fleshlights, they are a type of male masturbator that has a soft, realistic-feeling insert supported by a hard plastic exterior case. The case has caps on both ends: one cap covers the opening to keep it dust-free and discreet, the other cap adjusts the amount of suction experienced by the user. Available in a range of openings and interior textures, Fleshlights offer a pleasurable alternative to using one's hand. As with Fleshlights, the Stout can be used solo or with a partner. Due to the smaller form factor of Sex In A Can series, the Stout is easy to pack and has an advantage over other Fleshlight models for travel.
  • Material / Texture:

    Just like other Fleshlights, the Stout is made of SuperSkin, Fleshlight's patented elastomeric gel. The exact composition is not disclosed, but users will be pleased to know that SuperSkin does not contain phthalates or latex. SuperSkin has faint sweet-powdery smell that is neither offensive nor noticeable during use. Furthermore, the material does not have a noticeable taste, aside from a slight chalkiness from the cornstarch on the surface that keeps the material soft and non-sticky. The material feels realistic and is particularly convincing when moistened with a good water-based lube. The realism is further enhanced if you take Fleshlight's advice to warm up the sleeve in a bowl of warm water prior to playing.

    The Sex In A Can series uses "mini" versions of Fleshlight's signature textures. The Stout features the "mini-forbidden" texture, which is shorter and narrower than the traditional forbidden. The forbidden is essentially a wavy tube that is constricted and ridged near the opening to simulate penetrating the first anal sphincter. The ribbing of the first few inches is extra stimulating during the initial penetration, and also provides good stimulation of the shaft when you're deep into the wavy-texture portion of the toy.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Latex free / Phthalates free
  • Shape / Design / Size / Fit:

    As part of the Sex In A Can line, the design of the Stout is different from that of other Fleshlight models. Rather than resembling a flashlight, the Stout instead resembles a tall beer can, though slightly larger both in height and width. As far as camouflage goes, the Stout looks more like a beer can than other Fleshlights look like flashlights. Unfortunately, the design department went for humor over discretion, so the exterior of the Stout has design elements such as a logo with silhouettes of nude women, and mentions of erections on the "warning label". I would have preferred that the humor be left to the removable external packaging, so that one could have a more discreet product for storage or traveling. The label of the Stout can be peeled off, but then the resemblance to a beer can is lost.

    As mentioned previously, the Stout is smaller in all aspects than traditional Fleshlights. Most appreciable is the decrease in length. Several inches shorter than other Fleshlights, the Stout is easier to handle and easier to pack (assisted by the uniform shape of the Stout). The insertable length of the Stout, at about 7 inches, should be enough that the majority of users will not miss the extra length of the larger Fleshlights. However, many users will note the smaller opening of the Stout, which is about half the size of the opening to the regular anal opening Fleshlights. This make the initial penetration a bit more tricky, as it requires a hand to guide the head of the penis in. It's as if when scaling down for the Sex In A Can series, Fleshlight wanted to keep everything proportional in scale; however, it may have been better if they had cheated to make the opening larger and more user-friendly.

    Once inserted, the Stout wasn't uncomfortably tight, but it was noticeably tighter than Fleshlights with the regular forbidden sleeve. Larger users should keep this in mind when considering the Stout.

    7 3/4"
    Fits up to:
    1 3/4"
    9 1/4"
    Anal depth:
    7 1/2"
    18.5 oz
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    Aside from the additional effort to insert oneself into the opening of the Stout, it performs quite well. Compared to some sleeves where the slurping noise can be loud enough to be distracting, the Stout in use is relatively quiet. As with other Fleshlights, the cap opposite the opening allows the user to control the amount of suction when stroking. Most of what you hear is just the whooshing of air through the cap. The cap on the Stout is an improved design and allows much greater control of the suction. Unlike other Fleshlights, the cap is able to close tightly, allowing a greater intensity of suction if the user chooses.

    Special Features:
    • Free samples
    • Realistic design
  • Care and Maintenance:

    Because the Stout feature's Fleshlight's signature SuperSkin material, it is more demanding in terms of upkeep compared to TPR-based toys. The composition of the Superskin material requires that only water-based lube be used, and that soap and detergents are strictly forbidden. To clean the toy, the manufacturer recommends removing the insert from the case, flushing it with just warm water, then letting the sleeve dry before reinstalling it into the case. To help the sleeve dry on the inside, and to keep it a bit cleaner, Fleshlight recommends that you use a small amount of isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Again, do not use soap to clean the Fleshlight insert. In the event that you want to clean the insert to a greater extent, Fleshlight sells "Fleshwash" which is an anti-bacterial fluid (triclosan, the typical anti-bacterial agent in liquid hand soaps). However, be aware that SuperSkin is not capable of being thoroughly sterilized, and should not be shared unless condoms are used.

    Over time, after repeated use and cleaning, SuperSkin will start to get sticky, which causes the material to feel less realistic. The stickiness can be avoided by lightly dusting the exterior of the sleeve with cornstarch. I recommend getting a cheap paintbrush and "painting" the dry sleeve with cornstarch over the kitchen sink or garbage bin.

    I haven't had any problems with thoroughly drying the Stout. My usual clean up routine is to rinse the inside of the sleeve with warm water by holding the end to the flowing tap and letting the water run through for a minute or so. Following that, I shake out the remaining water, then squirt about half an ounce of rubbing alcohol into the sleeve to help displace the remaining water. I shake out most of the alcohol, then leave the sleeve out to dry for a couple hours. Lastly, I reassemble everything but leave the cap on loosely to promote air circulation.

    Those considering the Stout should note that the smaller size of the container affects the ease of cleaning. Compared to other Fleshlight designs, the sleeve is slightly more difficult to get in and out of its case. Be sure to be careful when doing this so as not to tear or otherwise damage the sleeve.

  • Packaging:

    The packaging is a simple clear plastic tube with gold accent that houses the "can" for shipping and display. An insert between the packaging and the actual product provides the name of the particular model, and a cut-away view displaying the interior texture. The reverse side of this insert provides thorough use, care and cleaning instructions, which are well written and also pictorially described. The plastic tube the Stout arrives in could be reused, but the Stout's hard case means that an additional storage container isn't necessary. I could not find a code on the tube to indicate whether it is recyclable. As the packaging is transparent and not discreet, plan on buying a giftbag and/or wrapping paper if the Stout is to be a gift.

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