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Just when you thought you knew it all...comes this new guide to erotic pleasure by the woman who literally wrote the book on Hot Sex. Because you really can't get enough of a good thing, Tracey Cox, a.k.a. the Sex Doctor, has turned up the heat to deliver the feel-good book for men and women of every taste and persuasion. Inside you'll find the low-down on going down, straight talk on toys, and surefire ways to turn up the heat on even the most lukewarm love life. Filled with hands-on advice, this brand new how to guide to making it hotter is both amusing and arousing, and almost as much fun to read as doing it yourself.

Including such sexciting topics as:

- The top five things your new lover is hoping for

- Foolproof ways to tell how you rate as a lover

- How to get some: sex advice for those who aren't getting enough or aren't getting any..whether you already have a partner or need a date

- Does cheating count if no one catches you?

- The best sex toys and how to use them

- Are your parents getting into bed with you?

- Crucial keys to having fabulous long term sex

- Position yourself for maximum pleasure: easy to follow instructions for out-of-this-world orgasm

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    Tracey Cox
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    2007 year
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    • darthkitt3n
      Writer, rank 6.7/10

      This book contains a ton of information, though most of it is aimed at a heterosexual couple. Some information, such as oral or hand techniques, can be used by anyone. The author really makes sure to cover each topic down to the last detail. She lists plenty of places to look for more information, and includes interesting facts here and there throughout. Overall, I feel I would definitely recommend this book to any heterosexual couple, since it answers tons of questions many people may have.

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    • sounds like a good read
    • KnK
      Looks promising
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