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Could I Borrow a Cup of Hot Sex?

This book contains a ton of information, though most of it is aimed at a heterosexual couple. Some information, such as oral or hand techniques, can be used by anyone. The author really makes sure to cover each topic down to the last detail. She lists plenty of places to look for more information, and includes interesting facts here and there throughout. Overall, I feel I would definitely recommend this book to any heterosexual couple, since it answers tons of questions many people may have.
informative, good tone
aimed at heterosexual couples
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More Hot Sex was just one of those books I would look at, and then decide instead to get a different book. After having read this, I really wish I had just gotten Hot Sex and its sequel, More Hot Sex.

This book is extremely useful. The author, Tracey Cox, really has covered every topic relevant to sex in either this book or the first one, Hot Sex. I found myself reading through tons of sections in this that I normally would skip, due to me not being the target audience, such as gay/lesbian couples and open relationships. And, unlike some books I have read, the author writes every bit of information with a good tone. There is no, “This is how you should do it”, or, “You shouldn’t like that,” which some other books I have read tend to do. She pretty much lays all of the information at your feet and tells you to go wild.

The book is paperback, published by Bantam Books. There are 310 pages, including the end notes or index. The pages are the typical paper page, not a glossy page, so they can smear if moisture gets on them. Each page has black text, with tips or facts off to the side on many pages in gray boxes or just gray italic text. These blurbs also have little exclamation points (!) next to them. There are also boxes containing answers to common questions or related stories on some pages. Each section is defined by bold or italic text. The cover is a pretty purple with “More Hot Sex” in big green letters. “How to do it longer, better, and hotter than ever” and the author’s name are in white. The background pictures on the cover are little male/female signs coupled together. The back cover has a lengthy description of what’s inside the cover, as well as a picture and short biography of the author.

There are eight chapters, as well as an introduction, resources, endnotes, and an index.

1: Sex for Singles:
This chapter discusses how, as a single, you can find someone to have sex with. It provides information on how a virgin can lose their virginity. I liked how there was a section for middle aged virgins, since it can be different for a middle aged male losing his virginity than for a 16 year old boy. There is also information on how to meet singles, what contraceptives to use, and how to give yourself a makeover to attract people. There are different sections for both men and women on the makeovers, which ranges from a mental makeover to changing your clothing style.

2: How Good Are You in Bed?:
This chapter discusses common mistakes both men and women make in bed, how to fix them, and how to tell from your partner if you are making the right moves or not. It also gives some different positions for both sexes to try out, in order to maximize pleasure for the other. I liked the section involving parents with your sex life. It discusses several topics which may be a cause of how a person was raised, such as a parent’s morals that are passed down. At the end of this chapter, there are common myths that she discusses and a check list to figure out if you are good in bed.

3: The Nitty-gritty:
This chapter is all about different techniques to try, for both men and women. There are different hand techniques as well as oral techniques for many erogenous zones of the body. The tips on oral sex are excellent. She provides plenty of them, as well as things such as reassuring your partner that she smells/tastes great while giving her oral. She does not overlook that people have fears or insecurities. Another section lists different ways to have sexual contact every hour for an entire day. Not every hour includes penetration, instead things like sending erotic texts or notes, taking a bath together, and making sure to have a long kiss goodbye before work. The very end of the chapter lists safety information for anal play.

4: Now, That Hit the Spot!:
This chapter discusses orgasms. The first few pages include the history of orgasms. It goes into orgasms together, which includes tips such as the woman having one before the man, and then having one together with him. This whole chapter really teaches you to know yourself, what turns you on and when, and how to show each other what you like. The end of the chapter contains information on sexual aids, such as Viagra, delay creams and different types of therapy that allow you to full enjoy sex.

5: Sorting Sex Dilemmas:
The beginning of this one is all about how sex relates to a good relationship, as well as tips to help you decide if you should or shouldn’t leave a relationship from lack of sex. This also compares monogamy with open relationships, as well as many steps between. Each relationship has the pros, cons, and different important points about it listed, such as in a monogamous relationship, both of you feel special since you are each other’s only partner, though having that one partner can get boring. There is also information to help women who are considering cheating and why to not give in to temptation.

6: Couple’s Climax Clinic:
This chapter discusses fixing your relationship, whether the problem is a lack of communication, sex, or having your needs met. I really liked her section on turning your bedroom into a sex den, which includes things like soundproofing it, adding a mirror, and changing the lighting. There are tips on how to turn a fantasy into a reality and information on how to make him think it’s his idea if he feels he is the one in charge. There are many different suggestions for fantasies, such as role play, threesomes, spanking, and phone sex, as well as ideas to suggest these to a partner. This chapter contains sex contracts that can be copied or rewritten to give to a partner. The chapter ends with some common treatments for problems such as erectile dysfunction and how to even out differences in sex drives.

7: Same Sex Stuff:
This one is all about gay/lesbian relationships and sex. First up is information for lesbians and sex with women. She includes tons of information for a curious straight woman looking to experiment with sex with another woman, including where to look, how to attract a woman, and some basic ideas of how it could go down. There is information on how to safely fist, both anally and vaginally, and how to safely have sex. The male section also contains pretty much the same information: where to meet them, how to initiate it, and help on whether or not sex with a man makes a man gay. For both sexes, there are tips and tricks to use on your same sex partner, which is helpful since many people may be a bit nervous.

8: Ask Me Anything:
This chapter covers questions readers have asked the author, such as how to suggest things like how to use vibrators on men and coping with a partner’s fetishes you don’t enjoy. After this, she offers solutions for situations that may cause people to avoid sex, such as having a fat day or being tired. Finally, she includes a few pages of information on sex toys, how to use them, and a few web sites to look for them at, as well as a bit of information on drugs naturally produced by the body that cause attraction and arousal.
Follow-up commentary
After having read more sex guides since reading through More Hot Sex, I still feel this is one of the best choices. Other ones just make me feel excluded for something I am or something I do, regardless of whether or not I like it. Guides that give you actual, factual information are much more helpful, since they allow you to figure out how to apply that information to your wants. If a friend were to ever ask for sex advice, I'd most likely dig out this book for them to read.
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