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Naughty Fairy Tales From A to Z Book by Plume Books
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Naughty Fairy Tales is a specifically designed collection of erotic stories. Although fun to see how old-fashioned bedtime stories can change, I do not feel as if this collection of erotica is at the same high standards as many other collections that Alison Tyler has edited.

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    Dragon's opinion
    Alison Tyler is both a writer, editor and publisher of erotic fiction. She began writing in the 90's with short stories and has since published over 20 books and edited over 40 erotic collections. Many of her novels have been translated into other languages. On her own official website, she calls herself "Trollop with a laptop" and refuses to feel bad for writing porn. Many of her books are shown in a collage format under a link that she calls "smut." This is a person that is completely comfortable in the overlap between her profession and personal sexuality.

    Although I haven't yet read any of Alison's individual books, the collections that I've read are all high quality. Most of these books have had one of Alison's stories included, and I have found them to be of excellent quality.
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    Plume Books
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    2004 year
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    With twenty six short stories (and a bonus to grow on..) these naughty bedtime stories are based on everything from Humpty-Dumpty to Sleeping Beauty. Humpty-Dumpty was about an egg that couldn't be put back together with the help of all the "Kings Men." The new story is "All McQueen's men." It turns out to be about a relationship that can't be put back together because she's willing to play a game of high stakes "fuck poker" after a fight. "Princess and the penis" is the new version of Sleeping Beauty. She sleeps deeply and wants to be fucked in her sleep.

    "Hannah & Greta" is naturally related to "Hansel & Gretel." Only here we have two Scandanavian beauties that are the draw of the stripclub. "The owner's wife checked on Hannah after an hour, but when Hannah obediently put her behind up against the glass panel of the tanning booth, it was discovered by the owner's wife to be as pearly white as when she began." "And they all lived erotically ever after."

    I loved "If the Stiletto Fits" though. Written by "K.C.", which is a pseudonym of a well known author who found this story a little bit too naughty, is about a high school homecoming dance. The description of how she arrived at the dance is the best part of the story. "Okay, so Cindy didn't have a whip, but she might as well have. She had on this really tight thing that totally had her tits spilling out with all these laces back and forth across them and it TOTALLY showed her belly. Of course she's totally got this pierced belly button. And her legs are, like, practically bare, she got on this SLUT skirt that shows everything including these black garters that..."

    Erotic fiction, like all types of writing, can serve many purposes. Novels can be long, elaborate and scene setting where you want to know more of the details and keep you reading. There are short stories that serve as a sexual warm-up, foreplay or something to turn you on. Other stories may be such a turn on in and of themselves that you are ready for sex.

    "Naughty Fairy Tales" is a teaser. The stories seem to be designed to start your mind imagining a scenario and then see if you can finish it. Although not true of all the stories, many of the stories involved the development of an erotic scene, but less erotic details.

    An example is "Never talk to Strangers" by Cherie McIntosh. This story has many of the classic elements of Cinderella. Mean stepmother and stepsister, forced to work, fairy that grants wishes. She goes to the well and helps an old women get a drink of water. That woman is a fairy that has jewels spill out of her mouth. This gets changed to essentially true love, but only after midnight allowing great wealth. Her sister though.. "Even worse, mother, she cursed me so that if ever I give a man a blowjob, he will howl and screech in pain." The story ends there.
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    7 3/4"
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    A perfect little paperback. It is small enough to read in bed, and flexible enough that you can hide what you're reading from the kids! There is a table of contents and a section detailing information about the authors in the back.
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    Alison Tyler
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