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Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z, Volume 2 Book by Pretty Things Press
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Do you like giving or receiving the spanking? Either way, you're sure to love this fabulous new collection of erotic spanking stories edited by world renowned erotic author Rachel Kramer Bussel and brimming with the cream of the erotic writing crop. From A to Z (literally), this book shuffles through thirty stories in which spanking is the central focus, whether as punishment or pleasure, with a gaggle of provocateurs in every location imaginable. Beginning with a scintillating foreword by BDSM author and speaker Laura Antoniou, the book dives head first into a "blistering ride" of sex, love, and celebration through the art of hitting the hind quarters. Marilyn Jay Lewis's "After Hours" details the shock and delight of a couple who spy on a spanking not their own, while Radclyffe's "Zocalo Dare" leaves a woman tight-lipped for more after a thoroughly public display of discipline. Authors such as Thomas Roche, Simon Sheppard, Kate Dominic, Michele Zipp, Sacchi Green, Stan Kent and more, detail tales of spanking with a number of flogging tools by people of all professions, leaving much more than a sore bottom behind, but a new view of relationships, feelings and erudition about this stinging desire.

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