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Red Hot Erotica Book by Cleis Press Inc.
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Just when you think it can't get any hotter acclaimed author and Editor Alison Tyler returns with a stunning collection of steamy and scorching erotica sure to set all your desires ablaze. With 19 sweltering stories, Tyler has arranged a fantastic set of tales that incorporate a number of genres all with one central but all too familiar theme-heat. Whether it's the heat of bodies melding together under the sheets, or the dog-days of summer, these stories will crank the thermostat up past the breaking point. Marilyn Jaye Lewis's "That Summer by Our Pool" and Michael Hemmingson's "Jolene," offer moist tales of delight while some writers set their stories by the beachside, as in Bill Noble's "Stardrift," or on a boat, such as in N.T. Morley's "The Law of the Sea." Some find their heat in tropical locales such as "Las Agridulces" by Shanna Germain, whereas others realize the hottest places are right at home with Tsaurah Litzky's "No Panties" and Emilie Paris's "Underwear." Turn up the flames and get your fluids boiling with these sizzling encounters.

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