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Red Hot Erotica

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Red Hot, or Red Not?

Red Hot Erotica is a great book for heterosexual individuals who love the hot caress of the scorching summer. I did find, however, that there were only a few winners in this book. But thankfully, these "winners" were excellent and completely blew me out of the water (and into the heat, so to speak!). For hot, sweaty, sticky sex, Red Hot Erotica is the book to pick up.
The few "winners" were excellent, good variety, all stayed with the same theme, definitely red hot.
Bland, some stories not written well, only a few "winners."
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About author

Red Hot Erotica is a compilation of short stories, edited by Alison Tyler (who also has a story, Don't Look Back, written in the book). I have not read any work by any of these authors previously, so my exposure to them was very fresh and new. Here is a list of all of the authors and the stories that they wrote featured in this book:

Marilyn Jaye Lewis - That Summer by Our Pool
Saskia Walker - It's Just Not Cricket
N.T. Morley - The Law of the Sea
Shanna Germain - Las Agridulces
Glenda Woodams - Desert Flower
Rakelle Valencia - Thunder Rolled
Dominic Santi - Riverboat Queen
Naomi Sussman - Star-Spangled Spanking
Bill Noble - Stardrift
Rachel Kramer Bussel - Cruising
Marie Sudac - Hades East
Thomas S. Roche - String Bikini
Simone Harlow - Sweet Home Alabama
Michael Hemmingson - Jolene
Bryn Haniver - Smitten
Erica Dumas - Crazy from the Heat
Emilie Paris - No Panties

In the back of the book is a section discussing a little bit, about a paragraph's length, about each of the authors.
    • Multiple contributoring authors

Content / Style / Audience

The stories of Red Hot Erotica mostly involve heterosexual couples having a good time on hot hot days. There are a few stories for the fetishists, but not enough that I would be able to say that a person into BDSM will be pleased with the book. Overall, I would say that this is directed toward heterosexual men and women who enjoy reading about sweaty and sticky hot bodies.

I will say that most of the stories were a bit bland and boring for my taste. The writing was so-so, and the story lines were all very similar—hot day, couple screws somewhere near the water, under the sun. In a way, it was to be expected from the books name, Red Hot Erotica, but "red hot" could also just mean steamy (which is actually what I thought before choosing this book). There were some stories, however, that were memorable to me, and surprisingly, not all of them involved BDSM.

Sweet Home Alabama by Simone Harlow has a Western-feel setting and is about a private investigator and a haughty Southern gal who seems like the type who knows how to use a gun. She is evading and ex after taking her money, and Aiden, the private investigator, is out to seek her. They develop an attraction to each other, and it goes from there, the heat taking them over.

The story Star-Spangled Spanking by Naomi Sussman is about a married couple who are celebrating their tenth anniversary by reclaiming the essence of their first date together, and their first time having sex. The couple goes to a sports bowl every anniversary, but this one is special because the speaker's husband, Jamie, gives her a grand surprise spanking.

I saved my favorite for last, and not surprisingly is also placed last in the book, is Alison Tyler's own story, Don't Look Back. Though it does not involve any explicit sex scenes, the story line is excellent, and it is so well-written that it just makes my heart melt. A young girl falls in love with an older man, and he leaves her for fifteen years. The story picks up where she seems him again. And the rest is history.

The majority of the rest of the stories were either not the best written or were very forgettable to me. A few others, like Hades East, Riverboat Queen, It's Just Not Cricket, and Smitten are good enough to mention.
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The book is a regular novel-style book with an image on the front of two people having sex and the words "Red Hot Erotica" written across the top. Underneath displays Alison Tyler's name. It's a pretty sturdy book, nicely laid out very clean and simple. I like this about the book, as it's not too much design to hurt the eyes, but it's subtle enough to look aesthetically pleasing.

Because the cover does have two people having sex, rather clearly, this book is not discreet enough to take out into public (unless you're fine with people knowing what you're reading). The fact that its title is in such large letters also gives it away.
    • Not very discreet cover
    • Small size
    • Soft cover

Personal comments

Out of nineteen stories, five involved homosexual encounters, and only one of these was of gay men—Riverboat Queen by Dominic Santi, Cruising by Rachel Kramer Bussel, Hades East by Marie Sudac, Desert Flower by Glenda Woodams, and No Panties by Tsaurah Litzky. One of these stories also involved a person who enjoyed watersports, and another was of a heterosexual couple where the woman had two women play with her.
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    Very good review!
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    Too bad they didn't spice it up with some more "unconventional" couples. Still seems like a great read. I'll be sure to add this one to my collection in the future. ^_^ Great review!
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    Great review. I haven't read this one, and I'm honestly not sure if I want to yet.
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    Thank you for the comments, everyone! Yeah, I do not know if I would necessarily recommend it to a friend, honestly.
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    Thank you for a well written, honest review
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    Awesome review! Too bad there weren't enough "hot" stories, though.
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    I know you had a difficult time with this review, but gosh darn you're great at writing through the difficulty! Great review!
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    Aww, thank you, Meg...that's so sweet.

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