Same Sex in the City – a last a relationship book for lesbians

Same Sex in the City Book by Simon & Schuster Books
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Have you found out that your Prince Charming to be is really a Cinderella in disguise and the life of a heterosexual no longer applies, well than pick up this "relationship book for lesbians that tells it like it is." As an "informed, funny, and passionate" look at the ups and downs of living a lesbian life, "Same Sex in the City" is a guide for the newly out and the merely curious, offering stress free advice that will help you shed the labels of orientation and remove the stigmatizing pressures of discovering your sexuality.

With "firsthand insight into the advantages and challenges of being a lesbian," authors Levin and Blitzer provide serious advice along with "titillating anecdotes, and a positive attitude for girls who know they're gay." Written in "honest and uplifting prose," each chapter starts out with tips and observations, such as "is-she-or-isn't-she" experimentation, before delving into riveting personal narratives from the numerous interviewees about coming out, breaking up, dating, bar-hopping, and so on. Furthermore each chapter ends with a closing thought that frames the story from the authors and subject's point of view. "Part confessional, part informational," this inspirational book details everything from dating to heartbreak, hookups to raising a family, and more, all while promoting a healthy outlook on opening up and acceptance.

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    2006 year
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    • Kayla
      Advanced reviewer, rank 7.7/10

      The "Same Sex in the City" book provides a great look into the lesbian dating community, and while it's interesting, it won't really help you in your own relationship.

    • AmethystRose02
      Advanced reviewer, rank 4.7/10

      You'll buy it because of the catchy title, but you'll read it and pass it on because it's open, honest and it's something most women can relate to. So read If you’re newly out or still questioning – yes, this stuff does happen and if you’ve been out, proud and loving it forever, I know you can relate. For any woman who’s attracted to other women, read and enjoy this book - laugh, cry, reminisce, empathize, sympathize and relate, because it’s inevitable - but don’t take this book too seriously.

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