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Sensua homeopathic luscious flower libido formula Gel by Sympathical Pharmaseuticals
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This all-natural, homeopathic topical gel has been billed as a breakthrough in over the counter health aid. We couldn't agree more. Proven to restore balance in the female reproductive system, this fast acting personal gel will increase your sexual desires, pleasure and sensations. It also helps women who have painful intercourse due to constricted vaginal muscles by relaxing the muscles for a more pleasurable experience. It will also help to increase the natural moisture produced by the body during sexual activity. You can use it either as a personal lubricant or as a homeopathic sexual health remedy, you have to love a product that does double duty. Luscious Flower Libido Formula also discourages bacterial, fungal, and yeast infections because it contains grapefruit seed extract. What gal wouldn't love a bottle of this?

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    certified organic aloe vera, certified deionized water, certified organic grapefruit seed extract, tocopherol (vitamin E), wildcrafted certified pesticide-free guar gum, Agnus Castus 6c HPUS, Ignatia 6c HPUS, Platina 6c HPUS, Sepia 6c HPUS, Lycopodium 6c HPUS, Natrum Muriaticum 6c HPUS, Cantharis 6c HPUS.
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    • All natural
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    4 fl.oz.
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    • This is one of the best lubes I have tired out...and I have tired a lot of them. This one did not bother me at all, no burning nor did it make my girl parts red.
    • Love this stuff!
      Love this stuff!
      I was SO sick of lubes with chemicals that make my lady parts angry and unhappy, and I told myself I had to give up all of the glycerin and parabens. It was hard to find the right lube, and this is definitely the company. It does what I need without the nasty chemicals, and it actually improves the health of my reproductive system instead of harming it. Since I'm already aroused whenever I begin to use it, I really can't say whether my sexual desire was increased or not, but if I'm not horny at all, I don't think that this stuff is going to help except that I would have to touch myself to apply it. But it's a really great natural product. The smell isn't the best (the raspberry flavor is delicious though!), but it's SO much better than the infections and discomfort I used to get from every other lube on the market.
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