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Sex and Mischief elastabind cuffs

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Sportsheets' Sex and Mischief Elastabind Cuffs look simple, yet looks can be deceiving. They're well-made and sturdy, and have a ton of different ways that they can be used (as long as you use your imagination!). Comfortable and stretchy, they're not intended for heavy play; however, they surprisingly restrain much more than anticipated. Simple, effective, fun...what more could you ask for?


Comfortable, many different ways to use them, well-made and sturdy, affordable.


Could possibly restrict circulation with prolonged play, not for heavy restraint.

Best use:

Have a partner that needs to keep their hands to themselves? Want to keep them (and their hands) in line and out of the way? The Sex and Mischief Elastabind Cuffs by Sportsheets are just what you need! They're a simple pair of stretchy, elastic cuffs that can also be used on the ankles if desired. Perfect for beginners and advanced users alike; however, because they are elastic, and thus stretchy, these aren't the best cuffs for heavy use or when you definitely don't want your partner escaping.
  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit:

    The Elastabind Cuffs are made from black elastic (the body of the cuffs), Polyproylene webbing (small piece holding the D ring), and nickel free hardware (the D ring). Their design is quite simple, yet they appear to be well-made and rather sturdy. The cuffs are simply a length of elastic material folded in half (with the ends meeting in the middle) and then stitched through the middle, creating two holes for wrists or ankles to be put through. In the center of the cuffs is also a D ring, which can be used to attach the cuffs to a leash, collar, etc.

    The cuffs are 7" in width across both holes, and 5" long from end to end of the holes. They have a moderate amount of stretch width-wise, allowing for a wide range of wrist or ankle sizes to fit into the cuffs, though length-wise from end to end of the holes there is no stretch.

    The material isn't overly rough nor soft; the elastic feels like any other elastic material (like knee, wrist, or ankle braces/compression products). The cuffs are rather comfortable to wear and they do not cut or rub into skin; however, because they are not overly stretchy, they could cause loss of circulation (like other tight fitting restraints or knee/wrist/ankle braces) if too tight or on users with larger wrists/ankles. Use caution - if fingers or toes start feeling tingly or numb, promptly remove the cuffs.

    Cuffs on one wrist

    8 1/2"
    4 3/4"
    0.8 oz
  • Performance:

    The cuffs are surprisingly sturdier than one would imagine a pair of elastic cuffs to be. While they aren't made for heavy restraint, they restrain much more than anticipated. Once wrists are pulled through the holes, there isn't tons of stretch width-wise, which prevents easy escape. You can get out of the cuffs with some amount of ease by hooking fingers from one hand into the opposite hole/cuff and, while pulling or holding it steady, pull the other hand free. Again though, these cuffs are much sturdier and restraining than one would initially think, given that they're just elastic.

    And even though they're very simple cuffs, there's many ways that they can be used. Slip hands through the holes in the same or opposite directions, in front of your body or behind. Use a double headed snap hook (or carabiner) and attach the cuffs to a collar, either in front or in back, by placing the hands behind the head. Slip the cuffs onto your ankles, or even combine two pairs of cuffs (one on ankles, the other on wrists) and use snap hooks or carabiners to attach the cuffs together for a makeshift hogtie (with restrained person on their knees or stomach and limbs behind them). Or, use your imagination and come up with something else entirely!

    Special Features:
    • Kinky
  • Care and Maintenance:

    No care instructions are given for the Elastabind Cuffs; however, it is best to hand wash elastic material and allow it to air dry before storing. The cuffs are quite small and can be folded and stored anywhere; because of how little space they take up, traveling with them is also a breeze.

  • Packaging:

    Front/back of box
    Cuffs inside plastic bag

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