Beyond seven studded Male condom discontinued

Catalog ID: B51012
Vibration Power: Gentle
Noise level: Low
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Product: Beyond seven studded
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What makes it awesome

A closer look

Lubricated latex condoms with studded texture.

How it feels

Material: Latex

Texture: Studded

Lubrication: Lubricated

Sensitivity: Regular

Color: Clear

Condom size: Regular

How it measures

Condom size: Regular

Weight: 0.2 lb


Manufacturer: Okamoto

Type: Male condom discontinued

How it looks

Brand: Beyond Seven

How it works

Pack: 12

Special Features: Disposable / Texturized

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: Okamoto

Catalog ID: B51012

  • If you know you love texture, I highly recommend you give these condoms a try. They really provide what they claim to; lots of studs and lots of texture. The added bonus of a thin, strong, secure condom makes them a winner in my book.

  • Price! Oh my the texture!

  • These are great for anyone, and I think everyone needs some in their stock! For 12$ You can get 15, so they aren't too bad (and worth a try!)

  • Studs are easily felt, No real odor