Trojan ultra ribbed condoms Male condom discontinued

Catalog ID: T94050
Vibration Power: Moderate
Noise level: Low
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Product: Trojan ultra ribbed condoms
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This item is discontinued.
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What makes it awesome

A closer look

3 pack of ribbed, premium latex condoms

How it feels

Material: Latex

Flavor: Unflavored

Texture: Ribbed

Lubrication: Lubricated

Sensitivity: Regular

Color: Gold

Condom size: Regular

How it measures

Condom size: Regular

Weight: 0.8 oz


Manufacturer: Church and Dwight

Type: Male condom discontinued

How it looks

Brand: Trojan®

How it works

Pack: 3

Special Features: Disposable

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: Church and Dwight

Catalog ID: T94050

  • Pre-lubed Nice ribs without being obnoxious

  • The Trojan Extra Ribbed Condom is perfect for enhancing pleasurable sensations during intercourse exponentially! The condom also comes with extra protection features!

  • Fit Texture Quality Security

  • These are well worth the price, I have surely enjoyed them, though, they are a bit expensive and you may do better just getting a free condom from the Health Clinic.