System JO Pheromone deodorant for women - Cologne from System JO

Pheromone deodorant for women Cologne by System JO
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Product summary and comments by Nothere


Overall, I have mixed feelings about this deodorant. As a deodorant, this product is decent. It didn't wow me, but it did do the trick. However, I'm really not sure about whether the 'pheromone' thing actually works. In my informal 'test', I felt that I received an increase in male attention; however, I can not conclusively say that it was due to the pheromone.

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Catalog ID: JO40212

UPC: 796494402122

  • Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

    Zinc Ricinoleate, Xanthum Gum, Chamomile Extract, Potassium Alum, Phenoxyethanol, Estrateteanol, Alcohol Denat, Aqua (Purified Water)
    Nothere's opinion
    The deodorant itself is completely clear. It's thin and watery, yet it feels thicker than water. It's smooth and silky in texture. When applied to the armpits, it goes on smoothly and doesn't run or dribble. It dries quickly and is unnoticeable once it's dried. It's completely clear and not sticky at all.
  • Taste / Aroma

    Nothere's opinion
    The deodorant is listed as unscented, however there is a faint smell. The smell is not very pleasant, but to my nose, it is quite faint. It's an odd smell that I can't really describe. I've seen it described by skotb0007 as a "dirty bathroom" smell. One comment on another site compared it to cat urine. Personally, I've never smelled cat urine, so I can not make a comparison. I do think, however, that the "dirty bathroom" description is quite apt.

    The smell is strongest in the bottle. Even so, you would need to get your nose quite close to smell it. Once applied, the smell dissipates. While the smell isn't pleasant, overall, it's not a huge detractor for me because 1) it's not very strong and 2) it dissipates.

    This deodorant is not meant to be ingested, so I can not comment on the taste.
  • Performance

    Nothere's opinion
    To apply, you must first shake the bottle very very well. The roller ball doesn't roll very smoothly, so if you do not shake the bottle enough, it is hard to apply. The roller ball frequently seems a little stuck, but if I remember to shake the bottle, it moves decently well and I get a nice application of the deodorant.

    As a deodorant, this product performed well. It stayed on for the entire day and I still felt and smelled fresh after about 16 hours. I don't require very strong deodorant and have never really had a problem with body odor, so I can not say if this is a very 'heavy duty' deodorant. However, for my purposes, this deodorant replaced my regular (Old Spice Original) one with no problem. By the time it dried, there was no smell. It dried quickly and absorbed into my skin nicely. I did not need to reapply.

    As for the advertised pheromone properties, it's hard to conclusively judge this deodorant. Overall, I did not notice much difference in the way others reacted to me, but there are so many variables involved. And because this is so subjective, I decided to expand on my personal experience in the Experience box.
  • Packaging

    2.5 fl.oz.
    0.2 lb
    Nothere's opinion
    The package comes in a plastic bottle with a roller ball applicator. It's 75 ml/ 2.5 oz, which should last you for quite a long time, even if you use it daily. The label is pink and says J(female symbol) Formulated For Women Pheromone Deodorant. It also gives the ingredients list and directions and warnings in 4 different languages.

    The bottle is very discreet. A friend picked it up, glanced at it and said "oh a new deodorant" and placed it down again. There are the words "sensual attractor", but it's in very small type. It really just looks like an ordinary deodorant.

    I actually quite liked roller ball application. The roller ball doesn't roll quite as smoothly as I'd have liked, but it still works decently. It really doesn't need to roll very much for you to get the full application. Just remember to shake the bottle WELL before use. Otherwise, the ball won't roll at all.
  • Experience

    Nothere's opinion
    Now because my 'testing' of the pheromone claim is so subjective and personal, I've decided to separate it. I initially balked at the idea of testing this myself because of all the uncontrolled variables. But I decided to do an informal test anyways. I didn't measure the results quantifiably, just qualitatively. Also, I viewed both trials holistically.

    I visited the mall on two different days. The first day, I wore my normal deodorant. The second day, I wore the pheromone deodorant. It seemed that I received slightly more male (being straight, I didn't really notice female) attention. There was a store clerk who seemed extra attentive to my needs and I think the guy behind me in line at Starbucks checked me out.

    However, I have to say that I did not find any conclusive 'evidence' that the pheromone did anything. Obviously the people at the mall varied, as did my appearance. I had a better hair day the second day which could have confounded my 'data'. Also, I can't discount the placebo effect. The fact that the experiment was not double blind (or blind in general), meaning that I knew that I measured the 'results' and I knew whether or not I was wearing the pheromone deodorant. The knowledge that I was wearing a 'sensual attractor' made me feel better and more flirty, which may have been the reason that I got more attention (if I did indeed get more attention).

    My conclusion is that my 'test' is really inconclusive. I will continue to wear the pheromone deodorant because it I feel it does seem to boast my appeal. But whether or not it actually works and whether its the pheromone or the placebo effect, well, the jury is still out.
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