Antibacterial toy cleaner Cleansing mist

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Product: Antibacterial toy cleaner
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The ingredients are body-safe and once blended in the Antibacterial Toy Cleaner, they come together as the perfect way to keep your toys clean and sanitized. Just spray onto the item, don't soak it. Air dry or wipe it with a clean, soft cloth.

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Manufacturer: Doc Johnson

Catalog ID: DJ139902

  • The Antibacterial toy cleaner by DocJohnson is an all-purpose toy cleaner for anyone looking for an effective cleaning product. It's made of body-safe ingredients and works with all materials.

  • all together my overall impression on this product is ok. I say that cause you can equally if not better clean toy with soap and water. Besides having the ingredient triclosan that stops bacterial growth.

  • Easy to use cleaner worth a try. It smells nice, but isn't too overpowering. Seems to be effective. Small bottle lasts a long time.

  • This item is worth what you pay for it. Its a good cleaner, and that's all it tries to be. I would still take a day to thoroughly clean my toys, but it's good for the day to day use. Best part is, it doesn't smell like a cleaner.

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