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Product: Toy cleanser pen spray
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What makes it awesome

  • Kills 99% of All Germs. The specially-formulated anti-bacterial solution includes proven antimicrobial disinfecting ingredients to make Picobong Toy Cleanser a germ's worst nightmare – and your vibrator's best friend.
  • Fast-acting Formula Works in Seconds. Toys are effectively disinfected within just 5 seconds – just spray on, count to five, then wipe off with a clean cloth and get set to play.
  • Protects Against Contamination. With anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, the solution doesn't just wipe out existing germs, it helps prevent new ones from setting up home.
  • Safe, Kind and Non-Irritating Formula. Even extra sensitive skin is safe from irritation thanks to the ultra-kind, ultra-gentle formula, which includes only body-safe, carefully tested ingredients approved by the FDA.

A closer look

Antibacterial toy cleanser for travel

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Manufacturer: PicoBong

Catalog ID: LE7069

  • It's convenient, practical, and discrete.

  • For a beginner with a small collection of toys, or someone experienced and looking for something portable, this is absolutely great.

  • Convenient, cleans well, great for on-the-go, body safe, can be re-filled.

  • This is by far the best toy spray I have found so far. If you are looking for a cleaning spray than your look could be over. Just give this a shot and I think you would be very pleased with the out come.

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