The Recycling voucher Re-Vibe is presented by EdenFantasys

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Recycling voucher Re-Vibe

We invite you to participate in the sex toy recycling program Re-vibe to help create cleaner land, water, and air.

  • Don't throw your old sex toys away. Get Recycling Re-Vibe voucher for proper sex toy recycling.

  • All parts of your sex toy are segregated according to highest eco-standards and used to build new products.

  • Now, with a clear conscience, you can get yourself a new vibrator with 15% discount.

Many toys are complex and consist of different materials, mechanical parts and even electronics; their repurposing requires special processing. You can be confident when you send your toys through program Re-Vibe - you're not sending them to a landfill, your toys will be broken down and actually recycled.

Feel good about recycling, and get 15% discount on your next toy purchase. Now going green saves you green too!

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