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Sex for Busy People Book by Simon & Schuster Books
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  • Sex for Busy People - Book
  • Sex for Busy People - Book
  • Sex for Busy People - Book
  • Sex for Busy People - Book
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Forget tantric sex, welcome to frantic sex. For those times when you want great sex and you want it now, "Sex For Busy People" provides the tips and tricks for those quality quickies where you can tear at each other's clothes, wreck the bed, and still make it back downstairs before the end of the commercial break.

This book strips down to the bare essentials, detailing the naughtiest locations, best positions, and the pleasure points that will turn you from off to on in seconds. Become famous for your fifteen-(or five-) minute nookie, with these tricks and more:

*Cinema Paradiso

*Rise and Shine

*Knickerbocker Glorious

*Good Vibrations

*There She Blows


*Stairway to Heaven

*Knotty Delight

*Stiff Competition, and more.

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    Emily Dubberly
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    Simon & Schuster Books
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    2006 year
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      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.7/10

      If your looking for a short book to revive your sex life by introducing new ideas of how to fit sex into your busy schedule (and you are in a heterosexual relationship) then this is probably for you. Its a good start for a beginner and can teach an old dog new tricks. However, it shouldn't be a beginners only book since certain important points about communication and sexual health or kept out. Even if you're not a very busy person you might learn something new to put on your sexual to do list.

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