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Sex for Busy People

Book by Simon & Schuster Books

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For busy people and not so busy people

If your looking for a short book to revive your sex life by introducing new ideas of how to fit sex into your busy schedule (and you are in a heterosexual relationship) then this is probably for you. Its a good start for a beginner and can teach an old dog new tricks. However, it shouldn't be a beginners only book since certain important points about communication and sexual health or kept out. Even if you're not a very busy person you might learn something new to put on your sexual to do list.
Short, easy to read, new twists on old tricks, hardcover, and nice illustrations.
hetero sexist, themes seem to recur, lack of info on communication and sexual health.
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Content / Style / Audience

Sex for busy people is aimed for those who want to fit sexual intercourse into their busy day routine. It is divided into four sections. It is fairly well thought out, easy to read and easy to follow.

The first chapter gives ideas for those who only have 5 minutes to spare. The second chapter is for those who have 15 minutes and the third is for those who have 30 minutes. Others may agree that someone who has 30 minutes is not neccessarily very busy or in a hurry so the inclusion of this chapter may or may not be irrelevent depending on how one see it.

Finally, the last chapter is sort of a quick tips chapter giving ideas on how to spice things up in a bedroom (or anywhere else around the house).

The book is geared most definitely towards heterosexual couples but a lot of the things can be adapted for other kinds of couples. It is good for beginners and connoisseurs alike. A beginner might find their signature move from the tips and a connoisseur is likely to add a new twist to an old favorite.

The message that seems to come across the most is that one should take the time rather than push the occasion to later on when you aren't doing the dishes, or whatever it is you are doing. When you both have the urge just go with it and tend to your things later on.

The only oddity in terms of the writing style I have come across is when the man is reffered to as a bloke. Somehow, I find that demeaning and it sort of made me wince but I don't think it is bothersome to the point of saying the writing style in whole was terrible.


The hardcover is very cute and short (79 pages). It has a few playful illustrations which relate to the topics being discussed. It's a quick read but for the few pages there are, many suggestions are made.

Since the chapters are organized according to the time one may have its really practically made. In fact, the table of contents lists every title of every enticing tip from each chapter. This way if you remember the title (the titles are cute and witty)then you quickly find the page to refresh your memory.

This book could probably be tossed off the bed without much damage (except maybe to the corners of the hard cover). It is pretty sturdy and compact. Actually, it is probably compact enough for a woman to carry around in her purse if she so wishes. It has pretty glossy pages. It is simple yet lovely.

Personal comments

The book is very hard to put down because its so easy and fun to read.

One issue I had with this one is that some things are suggested that can't always be pulled off. For example, masturbating your man in a cinema while watching a movie. I think it would be hard to pull off unless the room was practically empty. Of course they suggest to go into a corner but even then, it would still be pretty tough not to get caught.

The other issue I had was about the communication. I had the perception while reading the book that it was okay for the girl to do many things to a man without checking with him first if he would be okay with it but men always had to check with the woman. For example a woman should go right ahead and stick the tip of her finger in her mans anus but the man has to check with the girl first before doing the same thing. It just seems unfair to me.

The last issue I had was concerning health and safety. For example, they suggest an erotic message of the genitals using oil followed by intercourse...which is not such a good idea since the oil can stay in the vagina and bacteria can build there and cause infections. They don't mention this. They don't mention the importance of lube for anal play either.

Finally, from one chapter to another you might see a certain thing come back (such as doing it in the car) but the details and actions are different.

I enjoyed this book very much and would probably suggest it to anyone interested in obtaining new ideas. However, it seems to lack in certain places such as communication and sexual health. This may be a disadvantage to beginners because they may encounter problems (such as an angry/shocked partner or an infection) if they follow the book word per word. This should not be a beginners only book on sex tips for how to get some on the go. Although it had a few cons they werent major enough for me (as a connoisseur, perhaps it would be different for a beginner) to really bring the rating doing that much.
Follow-up commentary
I don't read this book every day but I pick it up once in a while for a little inspiration and it always gives me a new idea or a reminder of something I should try.

It's a great and simple book to have on hand. I would definitely recommend it to others looking for quick easy tips for "quickies".
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    I like how you summarized this. Does it reflect the reality of "busy" often means with children and serious chaos that might involve? Or is just a presumption that people haven't been making time for each other.

    It seems a wierd premise for a book to me, so I'm confused.
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    I might just pick this up after reading your review, I'm a college student as well, and my lover and I are always short on time!
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