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Sex. How to Do Everything Book by DK Publishing
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  • Sex. How to Do Everything - Book
  • Sex. How to Do Everything - Book
  • Sex. How to Do Everything - Book
  • Sex. How to Do Everything - Book
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If you're looking for something sexy to read to get you off while expanding your sexual horizons, this is the one for you. Great to read by yourself or with your significant other thanks to full color, super-sexy pictures on almost every page, and introductions and tips for just about every sexual practice there is. It's educational enough to broaden your sexual knowledge and horizons, but fun enough to read with your partner to add a little steam to your evening.

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    Em & Lo
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    DK Publishing
    Publication date:
    2008 year
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    8 3/4"
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    • Sundae
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.9/10

      Em and Lo have written a fantastic overall guide to 'mainstream' sex, with really lovely photographs setting it a cut above the rest. It covers all the bases, from manual and oral sex, to positions, to all manner of fantasies and ways to spice things up. It provides great basic information, with a focus on healthy relationships physically and mentally, but unfortunately doesn't delve into specifics and lacks any information on LGBT issues or relations.

    • Kayla
      Advanced reviewer, rank 7.7/10

      "Sex: How to do Everything" covers a large area of things you need to know about sexually. It isn't perfect, but it does include a lot of great, sexy pictures. I do, however, feel like The Big Bang (another of their books) is a much more comprehensive guide than this.

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    Customer comments

    • Sweet
    • wish list!
    • Russians might want to know that there is a Russian edition of this book. It is a superior quality hardcover book, it looks similar to the one pictured on the product page. You can find it using your favorite search engine by ISBN 978-5-412-00114-2.
    • They managed to fit EVERYTHING into one book? Wow.
    • I think I need to get this book. My wife and I loved the TV show they did.
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