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Sex. How to Do Everything

Book by DK Publishing

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How to Do Everything!

"Sex: How to do Everything" covers a large area of things you need to know about sexually. It isn't perfect, but it does include a lot of great, sexy pictures. I do, however, feel like The Big Bang (another of their books) is a much more comprehensive guide than this.
Very sexy pictures, Lots of good information
Doesn't cover everything, Very large in size, Toy recommendations are a bit out of date
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Sex: How to do Everything is an Em & Lo book published by DK Publishing. This book is a softcover book that includes 192 full-color pages on the inside. These pages are divided into 9 chapters. The book itself is pretty large at about the size of an average piece of printer paper. This can make it hard to hide if being discreet is important to you when owning a book. The book is different than the one picturedon EF though. This book has a bright pink cover and does not have the darker, subdued color that the product page shows.

The book does take quite a bit of time to read. You see, while it doesn't have that many pages, the pages it does have are very huge in size, and the text on those pages can get pretty tiny as Em and Lo wanted to include everything. The text can definitely be a problem if you have issues reading smaller text. Almost every page has pictures on it as well. Some pages, like the anatomy pages or the how-to-give oral/manual sex pages, have illustrations and diagrams of Em & Lo's points as well. For the most part, at least 75% of each page is filled with text, and this can definitely be a lot of text as some of the fonts are very small. It took me about 2 and a half hours to read completely.

The theme of this book is basically a comprehensive sexual education book about everything there is to know about sex. It doesn't cover everything by far, but it does do a good job of covering most of the larger points about sex. Em and Lo don't have the same biting humor that I'm used to in their other books, and for the most part, they do stick to the facts in this one with just a bit of personality thrown in. I was expecting some of their amusing, biting sarcasm, so I was a bit disappointed that it didn't seem to have it.

I really love the pictures in this book. All of the pictures are full-color, and they are very classy. They vary in size from full-page size to small, half-page sizes and even smaller. The pictures enhance the layout of the book instead of seeming like they were just stuck in for picture's sake. The pictures are of models, and as such, they don't look like the average person, but the pictures are tasteful and sexy as well. You'll see some bare breastsa nd butts, but there aren't any crotch shots.

I love that, in this book, Em and Lo made it a point to include a picture, step-by-step guide to putting on a condom correctly, and they even included a diagram about using a female condom. The book has a good Sexual Health section, and I'm impressed that it included so much great information. It's not huge and includes everything, but it does include a lot of the basics including how to prevent infections, pubic hair cleanliness, and birth control and protection.
So what, in all entirety, does the book include? The first chapter is all about seduction and how to seduce better. The second is all about anatomy and orgasm for both genders as well as how to best achieve orgasm. The third is about manual sex - again, on both genders including what works best and diagrams for techniques. The fourth is oral sex which follows about the same design as the manual sex chapter. The fifth is intercourse which talks a bit about how to have pleasurable intercourse, but for the most part, it just has a lot of sex positions. The sixth is anal sex which talks about anal anatomy and how to have comfortable anal sex, and it even includes information about strap-ons and guys receiving as well as women. The seventh is sex toys which talks all about different types of sex toys and how to include them in your life. The eighth is about fantasy which mostly focuses on stripteases, video and pictures, and BDSM. The ninth is the large sexual health chapter.

I really love a specific section of this book: the sex toy section. There's an entire chapter about it (Yes!), and not only that, but Em and Lo go through the different, basic types of each type of sex toy, and they explain the good things, the bad things, what it is, and how to shop for the best one out there. They give product recommendations as well which are (mostly) still in production, but some of their product recommendations aren't in production anymore. I also really liked the sex position section as it gave clear, concise pictures that showed exactly what the position was supposed to look like, and the positions weren't too horribly hard. Most couples would be able to get into the positions that this book shows.

Overall, I like Sex: How to do Everything, but it's not as perfect as I was hoping it would be. The book, while including lots of sexy pictures, does not include as much information as other comprehensive books (such as Em and Lo's "The Big Bang" which is also sold here on EF) The book does have a lot of sexy pictures that made it interesting to read, and it does also have a lot of good information. Along with that, though, the book is a bit too large to be comfortably held, and I just didn't find myself overly impressed by the book. It's still a good book, though, if you want some sexy, attractive pictures thrown in with your sex education.
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    Great review Looks like it would be a good read.
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