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Durex play tingling Lubricant by Durex
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For a pleasure-enhancing experience with an added tingling sensation try this fantastic Durex® lubricant. Designed to arouse both partners, this lubricant provides long-lasting use with its silicone based formula, and adds a tingling sensation with a cool minty scent for all your intimate encounters. Safe to use with condoms or as a massage lotion, simply apply the desired amount to the genital region and condom (when already on) and allow the tingling sensation to begin.

Catalog ID: NP23584

  • Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

    Dimethicone, Flavor, Menthol
  • Taste / Aroma

  • Performance

    Safety features:
    Glycerin free / L-Arginine free / Paraben free / Petro-chemicals free
  • Packaging

    3.4 fl.oz.

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    Customer comments

    • smgs2003
      I found the smell far too menthol for me!....and it burned rather than tingled, was not as enjoyable as I thought it would be , leaving me and my partner washing it off as fast as we put it on...more so myself rather than my partner!
    • MJ
      My favorite lube that I've tried, i adore the menthol tingle it produces.
    • lil ladybug
      lil ladybug
      I purchased this lubricant because i really enjoy the sensations of tingling and and i figured it would taste pretty good. Well i was alittle dissapointed because like many have said it does burn if you apply alot so alittle does go a long way. My boyfriend and i like to use it more as a massage oil on his back and chest as well as my nipples its sooo cold when he licks it off. So maybe it didn't end up a reg lube but it does a pretty good job of getting things going.
    • Britni
      It tingled okay, but it removed my nail polish and the paint from the egg I used it with. That makes me very hesitant to put it inside of me.
    • Nilamarthiel
      It's a decent lube, in my opinion, but it is best for anal adventures as opposed to solo play. The stuff is somewhat sticky, and you need to shake it up before you apply otherwise it *will* burn -- it says so right on the label. The menthol settles at the bottom, so that's probably why people get a burning sensation. Personally, it felt really nice and the taste isn't terrible. It is really very hard to get off, though. It keeps your skin slick for hours, and it smells like Dentyne Ice. Would I buy it again? Probably not, but in a pinch, it works nicely for anal sex.
    • ISIS
      As a primary lube this doesn't really cut it, but as a novelty lube it is fantastic! It has a pleasant menthol flavour and definitely tingles. It does get a bit sticky as it dries out but with a couple drops of water it perks up again, I really enjoyed the tingling and the odor/flavour of this lube. A little does go a long way though so perhaps start off small and work your way up to avoid the "burning" others may have experienced. I give this 4 stars as a multi-sensory "novelty" lube.
    • anonymous
      It burned me too... I had to immediatley jump in the shower after trying it... it hurt too much
    • Nicole
      I thought the Durex Products Play Products are a God send. This particular one had a little more burn than I would have liked. But the Durex Play "More" one was heaven. Since the birth of my son, I had virually no drive. None. But a little of the Play more. Gave me a super drive and helped me enjoy my husband to the fullest potential. It was the best sex, we'd ever had. I'd recommend the play more to everyone, even my own mother. She had the same problem but a little of that stuff could help anyone! The play more has no burn but lots of pleasure.
    • anonymous
      Keep this on hand for achy knees and sprained ankles, but keep it away from your sensitive bits. Ouch!
    • marissa
      This stuff burned rather then tingled and then turned into neither one of us really feeling anything. It also was hard to wash off.
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    • liz
      this stuff has menthol and smells like peppermint. it is also kind of sticky. like most "warming" lubes i've tried, it burned more than was pleasurable, which eventually led to my feeling numb. my husband also thought it burned, so we took a shower together afterward. washing it off was probably the best part of the experience.
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