Sensual massage Massage gift set for couples

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Product: Sensual massage
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What makes it awesome

  • This Valentine's, make your lover melt in your hands with this irresistibly seductive massage set.
  • Throw the silky rose petals around to set the romantic scene - they look great both in the bathtub and on the bedsheets.
  • Wear the blindfold to make every touch, every caress come as a surprise - suspense also works for arousal.
  • Then take out the massagers - first the glass one, then the vibrating wand, to work out the kinks and grant beautiful, relaxed orgasms.

A closer look

When you mix self-care with some sexy stuff, a beautiful thing usually happens. Like, in this case, the ultimate relaxation kit that can induce anyone into a pleasure coma, is meant to be shared. On Valentine's Day, draw them a bath, throw some red hot passionate rose petals around to create a path that leads them into the foamy bath. Have them relax fully, them take out the glass massager to push out all the kinks and aches they might carry in their shoulders. Lead them to the bed, have them lay down, and massage their back with the glass massager, getting riskier with your touches. Then give them a blindfold - it's time to make the caresses come in secret. That's when the massage wand comes into play, so small yet packing incredible power, it buzzes against their most aroused spots, giving blooming orgasms with your every touch.

Sexy play ideas

How it feels

Material: Borosilicate glass / Silicone

Color: Black / Red

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: EdenFantasys

Catalog ID: 46915

How it works

Special Features: Waterproof

Perfect gift

How it measures

Length: 6 1/2"

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