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B-bomb reviews

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23 reviews

The B-bomb is a good choice for those who would like to try some vibrations with their anal plug, however with the shape being the way it is it may not work for everyone.

B-bomb is a great shape and size but I wish it would stay in during orgasm. The base also gets uncomfortable during extended wear. This plug transmits vibrations easily and it feels amazing when worn during intercourse. B-bomb is safe silicone and waterproof, this toy is definitely worth a try.

If you're a beginner to anal play and want to try a vibrator that can also switch to a regular plug, then look no further. The price is great, and I am sure that this toy will last you quite a long time.

The B-Bomb is a premier 'must have' for anal play beginners. It does just what it's suppose to do - teaches you how to enjoy anal play without being intimidated or over stretched.

The B-Bomb vibrating butt plug is a great option for a vibrating anal toy that is easy to use and gives great anal stimulation. There aren't a lot of vibrating butt plugs out there that don't utilize wires connected to separate power packs, which makes this much convenient. If your curious about adding vibrations to your "stay put" anal toys give this one a try!

Buy it. If you don't have a vibrating plug, and are looking for something small/medium, easy to walk around with, buy it. Don't buy something cheaper just because it is cheaper. This will not be a disappointment. No smell like jellies...softer than glass...no pain, and if you don't have a vibrating plug yet, buy it.

I love that this plug does more than just "sit there". Adding vibrations brings a plain anal plug to life. I use this toy more than I ever thought I would.

The B-Bomb is a bang-for-your-buck versatile toy. For less than $35 you will get a silicon-made, seamless, free of smell, vibrating, medium-size toy that can be used both as a plug and probe. It's a small challenge for beginners and one nice warm-up toy for intermediate users.

The B-Bomb is one of the best anal toys I have ever used. The vibrations are strong, it gives a nice "full" feeling without being overwhelming, and it makes for a nice upgrade from beginner anal toys without being too aggressive.

I really like this plug. The vibration really pushes it up to a top tier product. Very filling. Stays put. Not really sure what else you would want in a plug.

At first I was a bit terrified of this toy but it has become a highly loved favorite after some play time. It is an intermediate toy but anal novices should discount it off the bat. It has some amazing give and the graduated shape makes for a gentle stretching experience that even the newest player can appreciate.

I was disappointed about this plug because it looked cute and fun, but just ended up being a entry grade toy made with very nice material.

I think the Tantus B-bomb is a worthwhile investment for someone just getting into butt plugs. The vibrating factor created a nice tingly sensation for me. I'm very satisfied with my Tantus B-bomb, and now I'm on the hunt for other toys for anal play!

Insertion is as easy and comfortable as you could expect from a medium sized plug. It is very nice for brief or extended wear while sitting, though I found it difficult to keep in while standing or walking. During sex I was unable to retain this plug without assistance from a hand; partly due to the relatively similar diameter of neck and body, partly due to sloped sides of the flared base.

I really do enjoy this one. I was intimidated at first but this is a great toy for someone that is new to anal play. We both liked the feel and texture of it.

B-bomb is a great anal plug that can be pleasurable for all users due to its size and because it is made from nice smooth silicone. Something that makes this one even more fun than your everyday plug is the fact that it also comes with a vibrator. All of these factors make for a fun experience.

I love my B Bomb. I think everyone should have one, from entry level users, to intermediate to veterans there is something to love. It is small enough to be comfortable but has enough girth enough to fill you up.

The B-bomb is a good plug suitable for beginner-intermediate butt play. Inserts with ease and provides light vibration. Although the base is on the large side, it does help with holding/manipulating the plug. Therefore, if you are looking for something to wear around the house, you may look at the Ryder or something similar. This is better suited for manual stimulation, partner play or when you can keep your legs together.

The B-bomb is a simple yet sassy butt plug that should be attractive to beginners and more experienced anal players. Its vibrating feature is a major plus, despite some design-related qualms.

This is a great medium sized vibrating butt plug. This happens to be my first plug and is working excellent. It's nothing extraordinary, just a basic butt plug with nice strong vibrations. I'd get it again and definitely recommend this toy to friends.

This toy is a fabulous addition to the toy box of any anal enthusiast - seasoned or beginner. It has a gorgeous streamlined body made of pure silicone, and holds a vibrator at the back for that extra oomph!

For a first time plug user like me who has a lot of scar tissue, the B-Bomb is the right material, size, and shape.

The Tantus B-bomb is a moderately sized anal plug suitable for use by anyone from virtual novices to experts in anal play. It's thick yet flexible silicone makes it feel filling without being too much or too stiff and transmits vibrations from the mini bullet exceptionally well. A good choice for fans of the A-bomb who may want a smaller, vibrating option.

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