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My First Plug

For a first time plug user like me who has a lot of scar tissue, the B-Bomb is the right material, size, and shape.
Premium silicone, small size good for beginners, vibrations transmitted well.
Didn't stay in through orgasm.
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Once upon a time I was a younger woman who enjoyed all types of sex, including the occasional anal sex. Life was merrily rolling along (as it tends to do in one's early 20's), and then one day the stork brought me a baby with a 19” head. She got stuck in the birth canal and the doctor did a total midline episiotomy on me, cutting completely through to my anal muscle. I have a lot of scar tissue, and back door play went off the table years ago.

Since then, I've been trying to get back into anal play, and it has been horribly painful. I started this thread and got some great advice on how to get back into anal play. Finger insertion has been tolerable, but thrusting motion in my ass is painful no matter how much lube is used; so I decided a plug would be best. But to be honest I really thought “It's not worth the pain so I'll get around to it… someday...”

When I saw the B-Bomb was available for review, I thought “I'm going to request this and then I'll HAVE to get it to work.” A little sadistic? Possibly. Fun? YES.

The B-Bomb is premium 100% silicone from Tantus. It has a very slick finish, but attracts lint like a matte finish. It's best to use water-based lube with it because silicone lube could damage it. I personally like to cover mine with a condom to ease cleaning, but it can be cleaned with soap and water and boiled to sterilize.

This plug is shaped like a tear drop with a round base. The main part of the plug is firm, yet gives a little when slightly squeezed. The neck is very flimsy feeling and I can pinch the sides of the neck to each other. The neck is the space where the bullet fits. When the bullet is in place, it fills the neck space up quite snugly. The top of the B-Bomb is pointed, but it's not sharp and didn't feel like a point was poking me during insertion and use. For size perspective, the main body of it fits in my average-sized-female fist with the neck and base sticking out.

It comes with a standard one-setting vibrating bullet, which takes 3 watch batteries, and is about average strength in vibrations. Outside the plug, the bullet is fairly quiet, and I couldn't hear it at all once it was inside the plug and inside me. I like how this bullet has a push-button control so that while the plug is in me I can turn it off and on very easily.
I tried the B-Bomb first on my partner, who had also never had a plug before. He liked it quite a bit, but I did find it difficult to insert, as another reviewer mentioned, because of the floppy neck. It stayed in for a while, but when he orgasmed, it came out.

When I decided to use it, I put the bullet in the base to make it a little stiffer. It did help make the insertion easier. I actually found this plug easier to insert than fingers. I think this is due to the pointed end and the smoothness of the silicone.

On three separate occasions I (sometimes with my partner) tried to warm up to taking the B-Bomb, but something would always happen that made me clinch up and, usually, have awful pain.

I finally decided to be dedicated to getting it done. I set up some alone time for myself, with my favorite clit vibrator, a favored dildo, the B-Bomb, some porn, some lube, and other stuff. I sprayed a little anal relaxing spray and started watching the porn.

After a warm-up orgasm with my clit, I was ready to go. I started playing with my ass, with my fingers, and then started slowly sliding the plug in. As it was getting to the thickest part of the plug, I started questioning my decision. Then I realized it didn't really hurt – it was just tight.

Once I got it all the way in, it felt great! I felt full, but not in pain. I reached down and hit the vibrator button. The vibrations were transmitted nicely through the plug; enough to feel relaxing, but not enough to be distracting. I brought myself to orgasm again with a clit vibrator, while holding the B-Bomb in place.

Then I decided to try for a double-penetration with the dildo and the B-Bomb. I found it very hard to keep the B-Bomb in me without holding it there. It wound up popping out right as I was starting to orgasm again. Shucks...

I haven't yet tried it out for wearing around without being used during sex time. I honestly don't think I could do that quite yet. The scar tissue I have is very tough, and it will probably take me a while to get to the point that I can just pop something in my ass and go on about my business.

For me, this is a great first plug; one that I intend to use again, especially with my partner in a double-penetration way. I'm giving a 4-star rating, because the only issue I had with it is that it popped out. I will definitely update with a follow-up review in a few months to see if I still think so, but for now I think the B-Bomb is da bomb!
Follow-up commentary
The B-bomb is still my only anal plug and I really like it. I've found that having the bullet in place helps to hold it in through orgasm.
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