Purple anal jelly beads - sex toy by Doc Johnson - reviews

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Purple anal jelly beads reviews

16 reviews
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16 reviews

I would really suggest making sure this item is exactly what you want. I'd imagine if you are looking for something extremely specific, this would fit your needs. Otherwise, read reviews and make sure you find what you're looking for.

I think it's a good way to start stimulating yourself in whole new ways or a great way to warm up for some hot action.

If the fact that they are made from jelly doesn't bother you, these beads are a nice way to start anal play. The firmness of the jelly strand allows for easy insertion and you can use any lube that you like.

If you are just starting out with anal play these would be great for you, as long as you can get over the material that they are made from.

This is an outstanding toy and I love it for the most part. The only issue that I really had was the fact that I had nothing to hold onto. However I would not recommend this toy as I view it as unsafe.

These are wonderful beads- a great size, great feeling, holds lube well. You cannot sanitize them, but they are cheap enough to replace after a few months of regular use. I feel these are a good purchase and plan to keep a set around as long as I find them exciting.

A fun and cheap set of beads that are easy to care for and graduate slowly into larger sizes allowing first time users comfort and ease.

These are unsafe, too large, and overall not a great product to own. They are magnets for bacteria and can not be fully sanitized! Spend your $8 elsewhere!

This really is a great toy in a way but then again it's also not. I'm undecided on this one. I love how it feels but hate that there isn't a handle or ring.

A great inexpensive toy that opens doors to a lot of fun nights with the hubby. It is easy to clean and fun to use. Only downfall is that I wish it had a ring to help with removal.

Guaranteed orgasms every time. A must have for all, easy to use, no complicated moving bits, very durable and fully waterproof.

These feel great and are definitely worth the money because they can be used for all sorts of play.. just don't get over-zealous or you might spend a while retrieving them!

This set of beads is great for a beginner looking to try anal beads or begin experimenting with anal, without spending a lot of money.

Great set of beads with two different sizes to enjoy. Relatively small in size and price, excellent for beginners. Sturdy durable construction. Easy to use and clean.

In all I gave these beads 5 stars because they have been a great addition to my anal collection and they have withstood every test i have thrown at them. They are also great for any beginner seeking a well made and very sturdy set of anal beads.

The jelly string is firm, yet pliable, and the silicon-like material is smooth and soft to the touch. The increasing size of the beads provides options for use based on comfort and experience level; you can insert the smaller end first for a gentle warm up or slight sensations in your ass, or start with the larger end for more of a stretch and fuller feeling.

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