Trojan vibrating ring and condom - condom kit by Church and Dwight - reviews

Trojan vibrating ring and condom Trojan vibrating ring and condom

Condom kit by Church and Dwight

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Trojan vibrating ring and condom reviews

14 reviews
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14 reviews

Just disappointing for me, still upset about not finishing in the middle of a climax after I had to go fetch the vibrator that fell out of the ring onto the floor. I don't think I can ever get over that.

This little set is basic — a basic plain condom and a basic vibrating ring. For the price I would have liked a bit more ump. The vibrating ring is nothing spectacular, while the condom is run of the mill. For the money shelled out I would recommend going with a different product. It also fits tightly, and pinches your gal. If you are looking for a toy just for your "little man" this is great, if it’s for use with your girl, avoid it.

I would use the vibrating ring again but I didn't even bother with the condom. The price isn't exactly worth it as there is tons of replacements out there but if you are in a bind and need to run out and get one of these things, then this is your best bet. I do prefer the Durex brand ones but either will do.

The condom and vibrating ring set was more of a disappointment. It costs too much for the effects it gives. When they are combined, the ring vibrates so much the condom falls off.

For a little bit of fun one night this is worth it. It won't be like the 4th of July Fireworks, but more like lighting sparklers in the back yard.

This is definitely not worth the money that it costs on EdenFantasys. If you're someone who knows that you don't need a lot of clitoral stimulation, it may be for you, but otherwise I'd spend the money on a better, non-disposable vibrating ring.

This was not worth the money at all. There must be better ones on the market than this. Take a look else where.

This vibrating cock ring and condom kit is an ok option for beginner couples. It doesn't offer much, but is easy to use and is completely dispensable. The bullet isn't very strong, but with correct positioning, might give you the small extra boost you need.

This product is good if your just wanting to try this type of product, but you are better off spending your money on the real deal.

For what it is you are better of just saving your money. Buy a nicer vibrating ring, and it would be worth it.

Fabulous for an exciting surprise to your partner. Worth the money for a first time or if you just want to use it ever so often. I would buy a whole pack of them if I could.

A good buy if you're just getting into using toys, and not sure if you'll want to regularly use them. Not so practical for those who use toys on a regular basis.

This product was just a massive turn off for a lot of reasons and wasn't worth the money. Both me and my girl were greatly disappointed at this toy

It is not worth the money that I payed for it, if I could have taken it back I would have. The thing rubbed and pinched like crazy.

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