Cupid's love wand - traditional vibrator by NMC Ltd - reviews

Cupid's love wand Cupid's love wand

Traditional vibrator by NMC Ltd

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Cupid's love wand reviews

5 reviews
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5 reviews

Even with the Love wand being a little larger than I thought and it being a bit too loud, I still LOVE this toy. The speed settings are amazing and the pastel color is pretty!

For the cost of $16.99, I have to recommend this one to everyone. It's a great traditional vibrator with a few tricks up the sleeve. It has ten functions and a wrist strap to boot. Yes, this one is definitely designed to take a swim. Powerful vibrations that vary in strength and type make this the best vibrator(traditional) we have tried to date.

I would say that Cupid's Love Wand is a great first vibrator due to its slender size and weak vibrations. If you are trying to decide if you would like vibrations in your vagina, this toy is perfect for that test due to the week vibrations. This toy is still great even if you don't like vibrations in your vagina since this toy can be used like a regular dildo.

The Cupid's Love Wand is an inexpensive way to try out pulsations in some very interesting patterns. However, you do get what you pay for. I don't feel that this vibe has a lot of staying power, it's possible that mine is partially defective, as I've read reviews that didn't seem to have the same experience as I did with regards to the noise level. I gave the toy three stars because the vibrations are powerful and interesting and the loudness of mine might not be the norm for the love wand.

Cupid’s Love Wand is a nice take on the traditional vibrator. Its retrieval cord allows it to be looped around your wrist for added control and safety, and its 10 vibration patterns pack a punch. The Wand also remembers the last pattern it was on during its last use.

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