Vibrating suction lips - clitoral pump by WHK GmbH - reviews

Vibrating suction lips Vibrating suction lips

Clitoral pump by WHK GmbH

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Vibrating suction lips reviews

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19 reviews

The Vibrating Suction Lips is a clitoral pump that offers some additional vibration through an attached bullet. This toy is a good price for those who want to see if they like clitoral pumps, but those who have more experience with these toys may not enjoy it as much.

Overall I'd rather buy a stronger product as this one takes a while to get you going, and then when you do the batteries die.

The Vibrating Suction Lips are very poorly made, provide only mildly pleasant sensations, are very hard to clean and start to break apart from the first use. Coupled with the poor materials, the poor design and manufacturing means that this is not a toy that I'd recommend to anybody.

If you're looking for great suction this is the toy for you. It's not too expensive, and is a toy every woman should have in her collection.

For my first clit pump, I was extremely disappointed. For $12.99, you get what you pay for. The design is a patched up mess, the jelly smell was atrocious and the bullet was weak. It's also hard to clean but easy to break. I read other reviews on this and thought it would be worth a shot, but for me it rates far below standard and mostly seems like a waste of $13.00.

This toy is a cheap effective pump with added vibrations. It's a great starting point for any beginner looking to try a pump, or for an advanced toy user just looking to try new toys.

I would not recommend this to someone who is first trying out toys. It has too much suction and is hard to control if you have not used a lot of toys in the past. However, it is a great toy for those who like it rough and harder, and who like to have their clit pulsating because of the pressure build up!

This pump is a good first to buy. If it had more sensation would of been too much for me to handle.

I think this toy is definitely worth the money. I was expecting it to feel more like oral sex, but I was pleasantly surprised with the feeling that it produces. It was interesting trying to find where this felt the best, but overall I would highly recommend purchasing this.

Cheap suction toy. Not what I expected but a cheap alternative for first timers to see if they enjoy suction toys!

This is a great toy for those that are new or slightly experienced with suction. By adding a little vibration from another toy, I was able to reach orgasm quickly and easily.

I wouldn't suggest this toy for those who are a fan of more traditional pumping toys but it works for a great quick warm up. It really wasn't all that exciting once I got more than a little bit horny and wanted to feel something a bit more...intense.

I do not feel this is worth it unless they soften the material, then it might be great. You think it will simulate oral sex but it does not feel anything like it.

this item is really incredible and is the best one i have used in trying to help with having an orgasm

Overall I believe this is a fun toy to try, worth what I paid for it. It did take some experimenting to figure out what works for me. However, there are many things that could be improved, but the toy is good enough without the improvements.

Overall, I use this toy for warm-up almost every time I want to spoil myself. not great for quickies or with a partner. I find this toy is best followed by a more powerful bullet or rabbit.

It's a decent toy for getting the ball rolling. It also works pretty decently in conjunction with other stimulation. It just doesn't really do a lot for us though.

I would recommend this product if you are looking for a different sensation and do not require high amounts of stimulation. The bullet on it is powerful, but once you have the seal in place you can't really move it around or you risk breaking the seal. The cup did not stay in place well either. Other than that, the suction sensation was very pleasant and different than any other toy I have tried–I only wish there was more of it!

Vibrating Suction Lips create a firm, yet gentle, suction against your skin that is strong enough to hold the toy in place. It contains a surprisingly powerful bullet that creates amazingly strong vibrations that carry well through the jelly lips.

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