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AfterGlow toy and body wipes reviews

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32 reviews

Chlorhexidine is one of the main ingredients in these wipes and it is a very safe and trusted antibacterial that won't harm your skin. It is trusted by hospitals. The wipes are just the right size and they smell better than the Eden wipes.

We really like the wipes and enjoy having them around. They are better than baby wipes and more convenient than other clean-up methods. We make sure to use them only when the time calls for it, because they are actually kind of expensive, but worth trying or buying if you intend to use them the same as we do. There are also other packaging options. You can get a box of 24 individually packaged wraps to stash away, too!

It’s fine to be expensive if you’re worth it, and these Afterglow wipes are. There's nothing you can't clean while on the go with these guys!

If you want something quick and easy to clean your toys immediately after use and between larger big cleanings, as well as leaving yourself fresh and clean, then look no further.

Got a vagina that needs a cleaning from time to time? You need these. I've yet to meet anything that made me feel as fresh as these do without having crazy fragrances or alcohols in them. I use these for more than just sexythings. There's a pack in my purse for when I'm on the go with my menstrual cup in tow. It's great for daily maintenance. One wipe goes a long way and is well worth the price for the resealable pack. Get some!

Afterglow Toy Wipes are one of those little amenities that I sometimes I have difficulty justifying to myself. They cost probably too much, come in way too much packaging to be environmentally sound, and I sure as hell can't reuse them. But? I have a serious soft spot for these cereal-smelling wipes. They are just one of those little indulgences that, as often as I can, I have to grant myself.

Convenient to have on hand, but I probably won't reorder more when I run out. I don't feel like they're an essential component to my play and they're not that great at what they do. Plus some of the ingredients concern me a little.

These are lightly saturated wipes to use before or after sex, and great for wiping down your toys. They smell nice, and they leave you feeling completely refreshed.

Afterglow Wipes make cleaning up your favorite toys easy, so you can enjoy the moments after pleasure a little more. The individually wrapped wipes are discreet and travel friendly. They can also be used on the skin, where they impart a clean, refreshing sensation. While it is much more economical to use toy cleaner or soap and water for regular cleaning, these wipes are great for cleaning multiple toys when you are on the go or just feeling a little lazy.

These are a great product for cleaning up your toys. Its very easy to use them, and you can guarantee your favorite toys are clean and safe in seconds.

These wipes are great to keep in the bedside drawer for quick, easy clean-ups. They are also ideal to take with you when you are traveling to tidy up toys or yourself. They are the perfect size to tuck in your purse, console of your car or into your overnight bag when you foresee a little playtime with your lover.

The most annoying aspect of being a responsible sex toy enthusiast is having to take the time to clean and care for your collection once playtime is over. But as we all know, keeping yourself and your toys clean is hygienic, and just plain common sense. Afterglow toy and body wipes serve both purposes extraordinarily well, while remaining low-profile, compact, and totally convenient.

If you opt to get the individually wrapped wipes, you can be prepared to take them anywhere you plan on taking your toy. This is a high quality product that has packaging that is as beautiful as the product is functional. It's not going to leave behind any overwhelming aroma. Just a nice clean feeling every time.

Great little wipes for spur of the moment or mid day romps- when a shower is not in the cards. A simple little wipe that can take care your bits as well as a toy. Leaving you scent lint free it's like it never even happened...

An all purpose wipe that gets the job done, the Afterglow wipes really do what they say they will. Before sex or after sex, these wipes make you feel clean and fresh.

Afterglow wipes are anti-bacterial and incredibly convenient. They are perfect for any situation where you need to clean yourself or your toys but using a sink isn't an option. Each individually packaged wipe can clean multiple surfaces in a single use.

These are the perfect wipes to have next to your bed or in your purse. Or both! They can be used on the body or on toys. Highly recommended!!

Afterglow Toy & Body wipes are a staple in my sex life. They are great for everything from just wiping off a dildo, to cleaning up after a quickie. They do a fabulous job of cleaning all styles of toys made from all kinds of materials. They are a bit expensive, which is a bummer. However, they are a huge timesaver so if you favor convenience, they may be worth having in your toy box. Like I said, I am hooked.

One of those little things that no girl should walk out the door without. Something that I keep in a hidden part of my purse all the time.

Ever finish up and not want to make the trek to the bathroom to get everything all cleaned up? Well now you can clean yourself, and your toys (at least for the time being) without having to make a fuss. They don't leave lint, they don't leave you soaking wet, and they don't leave you scented.

Afterglow wipes are absolutely some of the best I've tried. They're loaded with natural ingredients and are even scented with natural bergamot. They easily clean up both toys and body, leaving no sticky feeling, no lint and are just damp enough but not soaking wet, so you don't need to dry off. Super convenient!

This product is great! Sometimes we're too tired too get up after a great time, so the plus is that you can cleanup from your bed. They have a good scent that's not overpowering, and they're sensitive on skin. I would recommend this product to anyone!

An easy, convenient way to clean up toys without having to worry about extraneous cleansers or towels. Perfect for my fellow post-coital narcoleptics!

Afterglow wipes are perfectly good for quick and convenient clean-up after partner sex or fun with a toy. However, they are not as safe as one might get from the packaging, the main offender being propylene glycol, a skin irritant and carcinogen. Also, they are not made of recycled materials and most of the packaging cannot be recycled. Convenient, but not conscious.

Afterglow toy and body wipes are great for toy and sex clean up. Nice mellow scent that doesn't linger. Good idea for anal play/sex clean-up.

The Afterglow Toy & Body Wipes are your go-to clean-up tool; you'll never use anything else. With their large size and soft material, they leave you fresh and clean, and isn't that exactly what you want in a wipe?

These wipes address a previously shoved aside aspect of toy ownership, cleaning and convenience. Sometimes toy cleaner and paper towels just wont cut it. Knowing I am able to just grab a wipe and take care of everything I used in a play session, quickly and easily, is unbeatable peace of mind.

These wipes work wonderful for personal cleaning and have brought oral for both me and my wife multiple times when it would have been otherwise to inconvenient to shower.

Afterglow toy wipes are a must-have, especially if you live with prudish roommates. They do what they say they're going to do: clean your toys (and you) without your having to get up and run to a sink to do so.

Afterglow Toy and Body Wipes are an effective and sanitary way to clean yourself and your toys after a play session without ever leaving the bed! They are gentle on the skin and work well cleaning both skin and toys.

Wonderful product that has proven to be useful in every way that I've managed to use it so far. I love them!

I’ve fallen in love with Afterglow and its versatile uses. I would give, and have given, wipes to friends to try after their own romantic interludes.

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