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Body massage lotion Body massage lotion

Lotion by Sensuous Beauty

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Body massage lotion reviews

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8 reviews

Great massage lotion for those intimate full body massage moments. Come in great scents that will leave you and your partner feeling refreshed and rejuvinated!

Body Massage Lotion contains essential Oils and Vitamin E to make your skin feel soft and silky. It is available in six aromas, so you can choose the one that is right for you. Great for massages, and soothing dry skin.

I am a huge lotion and cream person! I practically cover my whole body down when I step out of my hot and steamy showers. I had been searching for a new lotion to try because I had started getting bored of the one I had. The body massage lotion from Sensuous Body really grabbed my attention! It comes in a beautiful glass bottle and when placed on your skin, leaves you feeling silky smooth!

Sensuous Beauty Massage Lotion is amazing, really. All natural, no fillers, no harmful ingredients, it spreads on like an oil, provides an extremely long lasting medium for massage and its scent lingers on the body for hours and hours. Excellent for after bath and massage use - IF you like the scent.

Best massage lotion I have used. Overall a great product. Why would you not want a great massage lotion in your repetoire. Using the product will make you closer to your lover as your hands run over his/her body causing pleasure and relaxation. I know for my wife and I relaxation can be a key for us to feeling ultimate pleasure. This product can be a great tool in foreplay or what we call after play.

Sensuous Beauty's Body and Massage Lotion may cost a pretty penny, but it is one of the most worthwhile purchases you can make when it comes to pampering yourself or your lover. Long lasting, environmentally sustainable and chock full of heavenly, non-chemically aromas, this is a lotion you'll want to stock up on for long nights of sensual massage and self-love.

I really enjoyed this product because the smell and how it felt on my skin when it was rubbed in. It helped me relax and also put me in the mood.

I loved the feel of this lotion and the fact that it was natural and organic. Next time, though, I'll have to try a milder scent.

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