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Endurance clamp reviews

11 reviews
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11 reviews

The endurance clamp is great for advanced users and those who love pain. These are not for beginners whatsoever. They have a great amount of pressure when using them, since they do not adjust like other nipple clamps.

I would really buy them again. It's an interesting new field for me. At the beginning I always put them on until I could not stand any longer. But after a short time I tried again and again. It puts me in a sexual mood quite fast.

These are called Endurance clamps and I can see why they are named that now. These have a lot of pressure in them when applied to the nipples, and isn't for the weak at heart. Try these if you like pain and kink in your sexual experience. It can be fun if you push yourself, so give it a try!

The Endurance Clamps by Spartacus are insanely painful in a way that it makes me wet just thinking about it. I consider myself a moderate to advanced pain lover and these nipple clamps are out of this world. It becomes increasingly more painful with extended wear of these demons but in such an amazing way. These are not for the faint of heart and are only for people who already know they love pain and pleasure. I am in love with them.

Overall, I would recommend these to people who have experience in using nipple clamps and have a good tolerance level. I consider them a nice addition to my nipple clamp collection. Because of their harshness, I do not recommend them for beginners or anyone who doesn't like intense bite/pain from their nipple clamps.

This is definitely not a starter clamp, but can be a fun addition to both couples or solo playtime for those familiar with nipple play. This may not be the best for larger nipples, and they are not adjustable. Also, the chain cannot be removed unless by force. It's a good price for a sturdy clamp, so long as you are used to fierce pressure!

I did like using this toy, as well as using it on my partner. However, I would suggest using this only if you have experience with nipple clamps, and even then go easy the first time or two.

I recommend if someone is interested in nipple clamps to get a more traditional style. This will help you with comfort and the design will be better for overall sensation over the nipples.

The clamps look wonderful but act like the evil cousin of sex toys. They're, quite frankly, cheaply made. For those that have smaller nipples and enjoy intense nipple stimulation, these may work for you, but I would invest in something of higher quality.

The Endurance Clamp is a straight-forward, no-frills metal nipple clamp that lends itself better to smaller nipples. It is non-adjustable and rubber-tipped to provide a cushion between the metal and your skin. Even with the rubber tip, I found I just didn't have the pain tolerance to endure these clamps, as they provide more of a ferocious bite than a pleasantly painful sensation.

These endurance clamps definitely surprised me. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to add a bit of spice to their bedroom.

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