Naughty bubbles bubble bath - sensual bath by Booty Parlor - reviews

Naughty bubbles bubble bath

Sensual bath by Booty Parlor

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Naughty bubbles bubble bath reviews

16 reviews
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16 reviews

All in all I will stick with what I normally use. I know that some people LOVE this bubble bath, but for me its just kind of Meh.

This bubble bath creates a layer of luxurious foam and a relaxing, ambient, and even sexy atmosphere. Great environment for some alone time or fun with a partner. The bath is lightly scented, sparkly, moisturizing and while the foam doesn't last as long as I would like, I still recommend this luxury bubble bath.

Want to add some naughty to your night? The Booty Parlor naughty bubbles bubble bath with do the trick! Fill your tub with the lovely tuberose scent with this thick and luxurious shimmery pink formula!

The Naughty Bubbles Bubble Bath by Booty Parlor, puts me in the mood for romance and to be naughty. This product left my skin super soft, and with a sparkly glow. The product has a hint of floral, which is super feminine, so it's perfect for any woman who's had a long hard day at work. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some bubbly!

Naughty Bubbles didn't work out very well for me at all. It is packaged nicely and has a beautiful scent right out of the bottle. Unfortunately, this only creates a very thin layer of foam, rather than actual bubbles. The scent is also pretty weak once the bubble bath is in the water.

This is a bubble bath that can be enjoyed by anyone who likes having bubble baths. It has a very floral, sweet scent that is relaxing, and perfect to use after a long day.

Whether you are looking for a bubble bath to relax in, have fun with a partner, or to soak and play with some toys, Naught bubbles bubble bath is certainly a great choice!

I'm giving Naughty Bubbles a 3 because even though the packaging is cute and the bubble bath smells nice it disappointed me. It's just regular bubble bath and the bubbles were thin. It left no shimmer on my skin and didn't really make my skin feel any softer. It would be a nice extra if you have points or if you're buying it as a gift. I'd probably order it again until I find something better.

I expected more than what I received from this bubble bath. There were very few bubbles and I used half the bottle.

I think I was expecting way to much from The Naughty Bubbles Bubble Bath. It did make very very strong bubbles, but the scent didn't stay at all once it was out of the bottle. It also failed at making much bubbles.

I'm not sure if I would buy this or not. I received the 2 oz bottle from our Christmas party and I still have it, however I try to use it sparingly. I have used it more as a body wash then a bubble bath. I would say it's worth a try at least once, but I personally wouldn't spend around 20$ for the larger bottle of this. I'm going to give this 4 stars just because the scent is absolutely amazing, and I love it as a body wash.

Very fragrant leaving your skin smooth for hours after you get out of your spa experience. Light up some candles and relax with your favorite toy (waterproof of course.)

I recommend trying the smaller size before you purchase the larger size. It's possible that my bath water doesn't work well with it, but we found minimal bubbles, no sparkles in the bath, and it just didn't feel luxurious. It does have a great scent, and maybe you'll have a better time than I did.

If you really need everything during your playtime to be certified naughty, get this bubble bath. Otherwise, stick to what you already have and pretend it's been a bad boy.

Naughty Bubbles would be a great gift or for self-indulgence. It would also be good for anyone who enjoys sparkly pink things, strong floral scents, and of course bubbly baths.

Naughty Bubbles bubble bath is a luxury product that can be enjoyed by anyone. Whether you're seeking something to aide in your personal relaxation, or an accompaniment to fun with a partner, this product will more than satisfy your needs. The scent is very relaxing and provides a lovely ambiance to any occasion, and it lingers lightly on your skin after the bath.

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