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Pleasure wipes tub reviews

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10 reviews

If you do pick these up (and they are still moist when you receive them), I'd suggest immediately transferring them to a Ziploc bag as soon as you open them. In my case, one box was completely dry and the other was semi-moist, but dried out quickly due to the box not closing tightly. Although no more effective at freshening up than regular baby wipes, "flushables", or a washcloth, these leave a pleasant scent which is also palate friendly.

These wipes work great for cleaning up lube and bodily fluids, and leave skin feeling smooth and lightly scented. They're easily accessible from their pop-up container, and do a great job!

These wipes make me feel pampered and fresh. I don't use them for every occasion but it's nice to treat myself once and a while to a proper clean up, when I know I won't be showering right away. Gone are the days of sticky cum on my face.

Even though the wipes do not have the greatest smell, they do come in handy. The product is great to use when you want to clean up but do not have time to take a shower. They are also great for cleaning up any body fluids or lubricants on the skin. The wipes work much better than tissues because of their thickness and are better than using a towel because you do not have to wash them. Just throw them away when you are finished with them.

Don't get me wrong, the Pleasure Wipes are good. They feel wonderful and very soothing. They can hold up to a lot of pressure and pulling. The only thing is, they don't smell a thing like what they are supposed to smell.

It's not very often that I give a product only 3 stars, but these wipes were really disappointing. I was expecting the find of the century, what with all the great reviews.

This is the multi-pack version of the Cum-Kleen single wipes. Even though the solution on this wipe doesn't saturate it as much as the single use, it is still enough to clean up the thickest of cum and the slickest of silicone lubricants. Use them before sex, after sex, or even on your toys. The ingredients are safe and non-irritating.

These wipes are excellent for cleaning up those post-coital messes that always seem to pop up, but not moist enough for much else.

Thick and soft quality wipes that are good for cleaning skin such as your vulva, anus and surrounding areas. I imagine they would also be good for a penis and testicles.

Pleasure Wipes are a thick, soft, nicely scented personal wipe that are perfect for special occasions but a little on the costly side for everyday use.

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