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Weekender kit Weekender kit

Sensual kit by Kama Sutra

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Weekender kit reviews

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23 reviews

The perfect mini-me collection for a sexy weekend getaway, with a delightful blend of scents, textures, and purposes to keep you busy... or help you get that way!

For the value, this is a great and attractive way to dip your toes into what Edenfantasys has to offer. An excellent way for someone to begin a path of fun, this would be such a great gift, also! I am happy with it, it was a great toe dipper, as I said, to see which of the products we liked and which we want to buy full versions of. Thumbs up!

If you wanted to try out Kama Sutra's line of products this little kit is the best way to go about it. I actually picked my kit up from somewhere else. I never had tried any of these products before and figure for a decent price it was at and on a discount I would snatch it up. I am glad I did and I plan on getting the bigger size of each of these at some point.

This kit is a fantastic gift idea full of tiny treasures just about anyone can use. I would give this to new couples as a fun gift over and over again!

I love strawberry flavors and scents they are my favorite. This is a weekender set so that tells me it is for a one week end use and that is all we got out of this kit from KamaSutra. It was fun and I really wish there would have been more of the products for us to use again. There is a variety of things to do in this kit but I wish there was a week of loving option to go along with the weekender.

This product is one of the most wonderful gifts you can get for a partner. It inspires togetherness, playfulness, and creativity in the bedroom. It's wonderful for a variety of romantic situations, and the size allows you to experiment without committing to larger volumes.

If you are already planning a perfect little weekend getaway for you and your partner, Kama Sutra is perfect with all things sensual, whether its the Weekender Kit or any other product.

While the weekender kit is relatively small in size, I would highly recommend it as a 'starter' for anyone who is contemplating trying some of the Kama Sutra products, or any couple who wants to bring a little something extra into the bedroom.

The Weekender Kit by Kama Sutra is the perfect box to grab when you need something to spice up your night. It's complete and has all of the essentials needed for a great time with your loved one.

The Strawberry Weekender Kit is full of great products that will guarantee a fun time. Whether it's for you and your partner or purchased as a gift, anyone who uses these items will definitely be glad they did!

It's a fun kit for couples. It added a lot of enjoyment to a romantic night with Anakin. It definitely makes a great gift, and I will be buying this kit again.

Kama Sutra's Weekender Kit will have you and a partner begging for more! Between the great variety of products and the high quality of the oils, balms and dust the Weekender Kit is more than worth the price. Truly a great introduction to Kama Sutra products to figure out what you personally like most, though all of the products are worthwhile.

Kama Sutra's Weekender Kit is the perfect little goodie for traveling lovers to set up a sweet romantic weekend or week. Almost everything that you would need is in this little box that fits right into a purse.

I think this would be a great gift to surprise the one you love with, to try out a variety of experiences together. I got the “Strawberry Dreams” Weekender Kit on a whim, and it has proven to be a great selection of samples to turn me onto Kama Sutra, especially the Honey Dust.

This kit is wonderful if you're planning on using it only a couple of times, or for just a weekend getaway. It's worth it if you're trying something new.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone interested in a nice, sensual experience. The re-usable, discreet travel case will be used again and again! I think the smells of the products was one of the best things about the Weekender Kit. The feather duster combined with the honey dust was a new and interesting experience. My only complaint is the leaky cork in the Oil of Love bottle.

Did I mention that I love the honey dust and feather? Yes, I did. The rest of the kit is very sensual, great smelling and has options for many possibilities. I think Kama Sutra did a really good job putting this sample kit together, and it got me hooked on their products. For me the only downside is that I want more, more, more!

The Kama Sutra line is renowned for its commitment to quality products. I believe that people that do not know much about the Kama Sutra product line would best benefit from this product - however - buyer beware! The Weekender Kit will last you a weekend - and not much longer.

It was a fabulous product for sure! I've recommended it to several of my friends, and even my girlfriend's dad and step-mom; and just like we did, they all love it! Worth every penny if you're looking to try something new!

It's a great way to try out a variety of products in a small, discreet and reusable case. Most of the products taste wonderful and can add a "little" spice to your love life ;).

A great treat for yourself or a loved one. It doesn't last long, but it makes for a variety of great love making experiences. I highly recommend trying out this kit if your inexperienced with the Kamasutra line of products and don't know where to begin.

With the exception of the pleasure balm I would highly recommend the Weekender Kit for lovers who would like to try out some of the best Kama Sutra products, without purchasing the larger quantities. The Oil of Love, Massage Oil and Honey Dust are great products!

Between the Love Liquid and the Pleasure Balm, we were both ready for some serious action. He slid in effortlessly, gasping at the coolness of my lips. Our thrusting, writhing bodies merged and we tumbled over the edge together. Twice.

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