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Ring O reviews

24 reviews
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24 reviews

All things considered, this ring is definitely worth a buy. It may not blow your mind, but it does what it claims to. And for five dollars, that's not all that bad.

Just don't buy it. Eden Fantasys has many great options for erection rings and this one isn't one you need to waste your money or precious time on. Go for something a little more expensive and enjoy the night with your partner!

I found this to be a great little treat for my hubby, and it was a cheeky little stocking filler too, so it made Christmas evening quite interesting.

If you are looking for a cheap way to lengthen sex, this could be for you. It wouldn't hurt to try it, but we didn't like it as much as we thought we would.

Amazing ring that's worth every penny! Give it a try! Great price, great colors, great experience! What could be better?!

This product is really worth it! It is inexpensive and very easy to use. It lets even beginners be adventurous and test the waters. Quite frankly, what have you got to lose?

The Ring O has turned out to be my favorite cock ring for regular use. They are so small, you can stash them just about anywhere and retrieve them and put them on at a moment's notice. No more trying to work your cock and balls through a solid ring that won't budge, or trying to stretch a bigger ring with less give. Even if you're already in an erect or semi-erect state, these are easy on, easy off... just the way you want it to be. Sometimes the simplest things turn out to be the best.

Overall, it's a decent ring. At under $3, it's about the best thing you could ask for. If it's too small or you just don't like it, you can toss it without feeling too bad. It's very basic, nothing crazy, and good for beginners and those who aren't sure about cock rings. Unfortunately, it's too tight for guys on the larger side of average. I'm giving it 3 stars; it does the job and it's super cheap, but it's nothing special.

We have many cock rings, but this one is the one that travels with us everywhere we go. He loves it and has very intense orgasms with it, so I love it, too!

In summary, this toy is a must have. It is definitely worth trying as it is cheap, inexpensive, and can turn a normal erection into a raging hard-on with increased sensitivity. There is some smell to the toy, but it's not too bad. It can also tug and pull pubic hair, but that can easily be prevented with some quick manscaping around the base of the shaft. Overall, this is a great toy and it improves sex substantially for how little it costs.

This ring is totally worth getting! It's a great price and is very effective! The material is very soft and won't irritate you. It never lets me down!

Overall, I'm very happy I bought this. It's good quality, will fit most everyone, enhances the sensitivity of the cock, will let you last a bit longer, and make appendages a bit larger than before.

All around this is a great cock ring. It is cheap and made of safe material. It is descreet and very effective. I give this an A- in my book because it is a little snug if you have larger penis.

I would recommend this mainly to beginners, but if you're like my husband and I, you can use it for traveling or just as a balls-only ring. It fits men of all sizes, and is good for multiple uses if you care for it correctly. It is non-porous which is always great, and the package makes it very convenient for traveling. Love it!

My husband swears by these types of cock rings in a pinch. Super easy to carry so he can get it on anywhere he wants!

The Ring-O is a simple, but effective stretchy cock ring that does a great job at a very nice price.

This erection ring was a hit for us, but more so a benefit for me than him. For the price it is worth giving a try and seeing if you hit the orgasm jackpot!

At this price, it's impossible to pass up the chance to try this erection ring. For many it is likely very versatile, for use during masturbation, and over shaft AND testicles. It didn't work for my man, but it may work great for you.

This is the best, cheapest cock ring I have found so far. It works well and is made of a strong, non-irritating material (although, it's a bit of a mystery to what it actually is). It can fit a lot a guys, but not work as well on the less than average ones.

My husband and I love this ring. It works great by itself or with a pump. We've used it every time since we got it and it hasn't let us down.

I believe this basic item should be in everyone's arsenal. It is easy to use and to care for and holds up through repeated uses.

To sum it all up, my fiance and I both loved this erection ring. It's perfect for us because he has a really thick cock and it is hard to find a stretchy cock ring that does not snap. This ring does its job, won't snap, and is very cost-effective. Erection rings can cost you more than they are worth sometimes. My fiance specifically likes the comfort he gets with use around his scrotum. Everyone needs to have at least one of these!

If you like to travel, or you're just unsure of when the right opportunity will pop up, this one is for you. The cost and design make this one easily dispensable. It should fit almost any man and it does give an added bonus to lovemaking or masturbation.

The Ring O Erection Ring is a wonderful way to get into the use of cock rings. It has a wonderful price point and is very easy to clean. Just be aware of how long you have it on.

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