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18 reviews

Overall, I am really pleased with this bag. It comes in at a great price, especially for those who need a lot of bags. You can also choose from two colors or from one's with Eden Fantasys on the outside. The ties work really well, and it protects the glass toys from each other while they are in close quarters.

This is a sturdy bag which is appropriate for any glass dildo or other toy which deserves special safeguarding. It's attractive and well made, with no outward sign that it's holding a sex toy inside.

I have several of these bags and I love them. I really have no complaints about them, they work very well for me and I love the price.

The Toy Pouch is a great accessory to your much loved collection, the soft materials and lint free lining(well almost) make it great for all kinds of toys, from glass to silicone and even more skin like materials. The Toy Pouch is completely indispensable in my toy cabinet and I have to buy more real soon!

The pouch is a great way to keep your toys, and a lot of other things safe, and clean. I do not know of any way to improve on this pouch. It is a good investment to make for those favorite toys, that you want to keep damage free, and clean.

A must have for anyone who is running out of room and wants something that is nice to store things in, that will keep them clean and lint-free.

This is great to use in conjunction with larger toy storage. You can put a glass toy or silicone toy in this and then put it with your other toys and not have to worry about reactions or breaking. Highly recommended.

I love this bag. Everyone needs more than one as they can be used in so many ways. Great for travel.

Looks can be deceiving, while this little pouch looks small, it's not. A number of items fit nicely inside of this satin lined bag and look good doing so! This pouch keeps all your pretties safe, lint free and looking new. It's a must have for all of your breakable toys, or ones you just want to keep out of sight.

Overall this was a good investment over the bags that often come with glass toys which completely lack protection (It was especially worth it at the buyout price of only 6.29!) and I do plan to buy more bags in the future, although I may invest in the crazily padded Pleasure Pouches instead as these do only have so much padding.

It's fancier (and cleaner) than using a tube sock to stash your dirties. Toys of all shapes and sizes can take up residency in this affordable bag to keep the dirt out and the sexy in!

This product is really great for the price. If you buy sex toys often and start to put them here or there and lose them, this product will let you put everything you in need pouches to keep them safe and sound. You won't lose anything and your collection will be organized!

This snazzy drawstring storage pouch is the perfect solution for jelly toys, pricey or delicate toys, and those toys that attract lint like there's no tomorrow. Its size is just right for even larger sized dildos and vibrators. I highly recommend this toy pouch for your toy storage needs!

These pouches will hold just about anything. Keep all your bullets in one place, hold your glass, keep your silicone from acting like a Swiffer pad. The high quality of these pouches won't let you down.

The Toy Pouch is a must-have for anyone who invests in sex toys, especially the more expensive products. It is a drawstring pouch that can be used for one toy. It protects against lint and damages.

My toys are proud to call these pouches home! They keep them safe and clean and the pouches are the perfect size for one medium vibe or several smaller toys.

If your toys are breaking, collecting dust or getting lost under the bed then the toy pouch might just be a good solution for you. With its solid construction, I would even trust it in the washing machine!

The Toy Pouch by Edenfantasys is a beautifully constructed bag that will conceal your toys, and help protect them too. It's made very well and it's big enough to hold at least one item easily unless you have an unusually large toy. Whether you need concealment or protection, the Toy Pouch will have you covered!

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