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Wet Together ultimate reviews

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This lube is an affordable couples product. When applied to the female, it gives off a nice cooling sensation but when applied to the male it creates a burning sensation. When you combine the lubes it makes you more sensitive and gives you better orgasms but after sex the cleanup is not fun. The lube dries sticky and you have to use soap and water to get it off.

The Wet Together Ultimate is much better than the original, but still not amazing. It takes a while for the warming and cooling to work, but the clitoral arousal gel works wonderfully.

Wet together ultimate is a great way to enhance your bedroom experience. It's unique stimulating gel works wonders on the human body!

This is great for couples who want to add a bit more sensation. A mixture of warm and cold (tingly) make the magic happen. The "For Him" lube prolongs orgasm, so you can have more fun for a longer period of time. You can use it with a partner, or on a dildo or vibrator.

We had fun rubbing Wet Together on each other and waiting for the his/her effects to kick in. It is a great way to start foreplay and have some sensual massage and individual attention. The consistency didn't provide enough lubricant to get ready for intercourse. If you want to use this throughout your entire sex session, you may have to reapply several times. It seems to dry up fast. It is, however, quickly absorbed and not messy at all to clean up. The mint smell and taste aren't bad.

Maybe it was a bad batch or some weird sensitivity on my part, but the "Hers" gel caused an unbearable burning sensation to my delicate parts. It did not wash off like the directions state it does. Even with a cool compress, I had to wait it out. The "His" gel was disappointing on the other end of the spectrum in that it produced virtually no sensation at all. :(

The gels For Him and For Her are meant to heighten pleasure during sexual activities, and the best thing is that it's not limited to any target audience. As long as you want to boost what's already there or want to enjoy your sexuality a little bit more, then the gels may be worth a try.

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