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Beginner G-spot reviews

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The beginner g-spot is a great toy. It is a little loud, so if you have people you live with, you'd want a fan or TV on. It's easy to clean and store. I'd also recommend this toy to really anyone, not just beginners!

Coming from me, I'm the girl who's tried nearly everything (well not everything), and I'm still shocked that I didnt get one of these sooner. I guess I just figured that since everyone and their mom had one, I would try to go for something different, unique. But what I didnt realize is that sometimes it's okay to follow the crowd. I highly recommend this, and I dont regret purchasing it at all. This is a great toy for any user, new to or highly educated about sexual pleasure.

This bud-shaped vibrator is the perfect classical shape for various degrees of vibration and stimulation. It's a great tool for beginners to learn about and locate their g-spot or p-spot, and has various degrees of intensity for the user to find which one is most suitable for them. It features a waterproof design that can be taken in the shower, and can be used with all lubricants!

The Beginner G-spot vibrator is an excellent toy for both internal and external stimulation. I can foresee it getting a lot of use.

i am overall very happy and my husband loves when i get off. i recommend this product for people just wanting to try g-spot vides

Overall, this toy doesn't satisfy. But I still keep it around for those moments when I want something extra. This is a rigid, hard plastic toy that has a bullet type vibe in the tip.

I just have to include I am experienced with sex toys. And this was my first sex toy years ago, And it still continues to be my go-to. I absolutely love it! It is worth it! For it to be so simple and small, it is powerful and leads to mind-blowing orgasms. Even in couples' play I love this product!

I absolutely enjoyed this product, and I'm sure anyone else who tried it will agree with me. This product is very well priced, and very versatile, you can use it many ways.

I'd recommend this product for sex toy newbies or those looking for mild stimulation. It provides mild vibrations, good for those who are still learning about what they like in terms of sexual stimulation. The materials it's made from makes it easy to use with lubricants, easy to clean, and easy to store with other toys. For more experienced users, I suggest you choose a different product.

This Beginner G-Spot is indeed a great vibrator. It is delightful and comfortable. It feels so snug against the G-spot, and it guarantees to stimulate you to satisfaction.

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