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Dolphin teaser Dolphin teaser

Finger massager by WHK GmbH

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Dolphin teaser reviews

25 reviews
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25 reviews

An awesome and discreet way to help push you over the edge! I love this little vibe, and its design is an adorable plus.

The Dolphin Teaser is not designed to be a stand alone toy for those more accustomed to ones with all the bells and whistles. It does what it's supposed to do- which is tease- but that's about it. After only a few uses, the three watch batteries are starting to die out, which is evident by the even weaker vibrations coming from the single-speed bullet. While a fun toy to get you started and a good toy for beginners, the teaser will leave you wanting for more.

Whether or not the toy would be worth it depends on the type of user. It wouldn't be a great toy for an intermediate or advanced user. However, for a beginner, it would be good. It would also be good for a couple that just wants a little spontaneity. If you prefer deep, strong vibes, this would not be a toy for you. However, if all you want is a light teaser, this would be great for you!

This item is a reasonable price and works very well! I would definitely recommend it for anyone to use! I would purchase it again if I had the chance.

The Dolphin Teaser has far more entertainment value than a sex toy. It's just plan a good toy for amusement, but it didn't work as a sex toy at all for me. It tickled way to much for that.

This vibrator wasn't the best or the worst. Thank goodness I had the Kissa handy! Its ease of use and size may make it good for a beginner, I guess, just make sure you have plenty of backup.

This is a good warmup toy, as the mouth provides great stimulation, but the level of vibration was very underwhelming and didn't do much for me but rev my motor a bit.

This cute dolphin gets right to the point by teasing you. Though I rather something with more speed variations, this was okay for using it with internal vibrations as well.

I think this toy would be great for beginners. It's not at all intimidating, it's definitely not loud, and it is discreet.

This is a cute little play toy that mixes up foreplay or solo sessions a bit more than the usual bullet vibe does by itself. That, and the dolphin is absolutely adorable!

This is an awesome buy for the price. It is quickly becoming one of our favorite toys because of its size and versatility.

This toy is great, but I would not buy it again. I would rather have a toy with a few different speed options.

If I were a beginner to vibrators, I would be very pleased with the initial play, but then disappointed with the progress thereafter. I see this vibe joining the bottom of my drawer with the others that weren't quite up to par with my drive.

A whole lot of power from a little punch, the dolphin does the job quickly and effectively, while being travel-sized.

This is a wonderful teaser with a cute shape and decent vibrations. I would recommend this to beginner users or those who don't use vibes often. Advanced users may find this to be bit on the weaker side.

It is a great start to getting yourself and your partner aroused. The Dolphin Teaser is perfect for men and women. The Dolphin Teaser is also travel-friendly due to the small size.

This was my first finger vibe and I'm in love with the concept. The power of the bullet fell short, but the shape of the dolphin was just right.

I guess the thing that's disappointing about this toy is the bullet. The cover is fine. The flicking motion of the mouth felt nice, but the bullet was sub-par. One speed AND a battery killer. You might want to either spend a little more and get a higher quality piece with a better bullet, or plan on getting a higher quality bullet along with this item. Overall, the "Dolphin Teaser" is quiet, portable, waterproof, small, and affordable. You should just know that you get what you pay for.

While this toy may not get me to have an orgasm it certainly is fun to be teased with once in a while. If you are looking for a fun toy that is cheap then maybe you'd enjoy having a swim with this dolphin. I would still recommend using the jelly dolphin with another bullet vibe.

This toy is great for beginners, as it's small, un-intimidating, and cheap. However, more experienced players will likely be disappointed by it, and will probably desire something with a little more 'oomph'.

This toy is not intended to be the be all end all of finger vibrators. It's not supposed to get you off all on its own. It is supposed to tease you and bring you close without letting you finish. For the price, you really can't go wrong.

Fun little toy, worth the money for couple play, but may be too wimpy to get you off on its own.

This toy is nice for some light to mild vibration, but if you need something more powerful to fully enjoy yourself, this is not the toy! It was enjoyable to use, but I couldn't get myself off. It's a great toy for foreplay and to get yourself wet, but it doesn't do much more than that.

Great teaser toy for the price. Strong vibrations and flexible TPR ring make this toy a "gotta have" for any individual looking for teaser vibe.

Spice up your sex life with the Wireless Teaser finger vibe. This small and discreet bullet vibe slips easily into its soft and stretchy sleeve. Perfect for foreplay, the vibrator is gentle enough to be used on the clit and nipples, or the penis and scrotum, or any other erogenous zone you can think of. The rubber O-ring keeps water out of the batteries, so you could take this cute little toy into the bath or shower for even more fun.

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