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Traditional vibrator by Durex

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Play allure reviews

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19 reviews

It's a great first toy with a simple design, a wide range of vibrations, and a reasonable price. Simple to clean and simple to use, Play Allure by Durex is a good start for those interested in the wonderful world of sex toys.

The Play Allure is a traditional vibrator, with a modest size. I'd highly suggest this toy to anyone new to sex, masturbation or toys in general. If you've got experience, this one may not do as much for you.

While I'm not certain that this is the best toy on the market, it's much better than most toys labeled for beginners. This toy gives beginners the option of feeling as comfortable as advanced users do. It's fun and sleek. It can be great for vaginal, clitoral, and anal play -- especially for those who are a little nervous to try anal with another person.

The allure is a great starter toy, especially if you are experimenting to find out what you do or do not like. Sometimes I found myself wanting more than it could offer, and other times it was just right.

This little vibe is just powerful enough to try. Great for first timers and has a great design. Not much girth or too much power though.

The Durex Play Allure is a great vibe at a great price! My first time achieving a G-spot orgasm was with this toy. However, if you are a power-seeker who planned on using this toy as a clitoral stimulus, it may not measure up.

If i had to buy this toy again i would. It has a the things a starter vibe should have, plus its cute.

This baby is smooth, sleek and shiny... but looks aren't everything. With it's unimpressive vibrations and minimal power, I'd honestly rather dry hump a pillow.

What appears to be a simple vibrator by a reliable company unfortunately fails at both vibrating and being reliable. But hey, it comes with a nice storage pouch!

Overall, not worth the money or the headache. Save yourself the frustration. If you are new to purchasing sex toys and vibrators, or even if you are seasoned, you can definitely find a much better toy.

This is a decent vibrator. I would really consider this to be something for beginners, a great first vibrator, or a nice way for start for a couple that's new to toys. Not necessarily the best if you share a room with someone. Comes with a nice, little pouch to keep it in!

This vibrator was a wise investment that will give us both enjoyment till it's worn out. It's one of our favorite toys and was well worth the money spent on it. The vibrations is powerful and intensive. Great for individuals and couples. The only downside is the were no vibrating pulsations. Overall it a small discreet vibrator that works really well, travels easy and fun to use.

A great toy for beginners but maybe not the best bang for your buck. While I enjoyed the shape and packaging the power just wasn't enough for me.

If you want a toy that delivers a sensual nice relaxing vibration, but not too intense, and you love elegant-looking vibes, well this toy may be for you. It's honestly a great toy for your stash of traditional vibes. It's easy on the eyes with it pearl white shimmer and is very appealing.

For a multi-speed toy that's simple and classy, step right this way. Simple isn't a bad thing, so start your toy collection today.

Beginners will find this the perfect lead in toy for their adventures in masturbation. Most may find this toy be too small to bring them to the promised land.

I believe the Durex Play: Allure is great if you are looking for your first toy, or even just a simple and easy vibrator. However, some advanced users may want something with a little more "oomph". The simplicity that makes it great for beginners, is it's possible bane when it comes to some advanced toy owners. Also the price seems a little high for a traditional style vibrator. That being said, I personally like this toy, regardless.

Though the Allure's small size and quiet vibrations make it ideal for a first vibrator, some may find the highest speed lacking. It is much better suited for insertion; the deep vibrations can be felt throughout the shaft, and the smooth bulge is perfect for adding a little sensation for lovers of smooth toys. What kept me from giving it 4 stars, however, was the price: there are higher quality toys out there in the $30 to $40 range.

Durex Play Allure is without a doubt a vibrator that every girl should own! Its elegant and feminine design, its multispeed vibrations, its sleek and tapered shape, and overall simplistic beauty is sure to deliver not only something orgasmic and pleasurable, but a feeling of pride for owning such a high-quality well-worth-your-money fuck toy.

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