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Pirates Katsuni's revenge of the sea rabbit reviews

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Honestly I love this toy. I know it's not silicone, but for a toy I don't plan on sharing that's not something I needed. When I saw there was a pirate themed rabbit vibrator with a Kraken on it I immediately wanted it. The skulls were a definite perk as well. I think that this series of vibes is a tad expensive for the material, but I waited until it was on sale and grabbed it then. The only thing I could I wish was different would be if it was just a bit less girthy.

If you are new to using large toys or need strong vibrations in order to climax, this is not the toy for you. If you like weak vibrations, large girth, and extreme texture, this will fulfill all of your wants. The price is steep for the risk of this not working with your anatomy. Be sure to think twice before shelling out the money on this vibe.

There are better vibes out there. This toy looks really appealing and I wanted to love it. However, it just did not deliver. The size makes it seemingly inappropriate for those new to toys, but the lack of power and sensations makes it inappropriate for toy veterans. The functionality is flawed in some way that I can't exactly pinpoint. It looks amazing, but I would suggest saving your money for something better.

Three stars is what I'm giving this vibe. I think highly of it, but it just isn't my favourite toy. I do like the clitoral attachment & that this vibrator is larger; I like intense toys. What turned me off was that the rotating shaft was inevitable, & sometimes I don't want it to vibrate, but simply to feel the clitoral vibrations & to stimulate my g-spot. It's a beautiful toy, and quiet, and easy to use, as well as splash-proof, but I just don't think it fits my standards the way I wish it did.

I would say the best thing about this vibrator for me is its unique look. The Kraken clitoral stimulator is beautiful. I prefer it over the traditional rabbit or butterfly. Much edgier for us girls that aren't all about pink bunnies. So if you have a tentacle fetish, this is the rabbit-style vibrator for you!

Usually I hear that it is hard to buy a rabbit vibrator because it won't "fit" right. I loved the way this vibrator was a perfect fit for me. However, when I use a vibrator, I expect to be able to feel the vibrations while the item is in use. This was a great design for a rabbit, but the motor is just too weak to do any good other than frustrate this wench. Unless you like very weak motors, I suggest you find something else.

Katsuni's Revenge rabbit vibrator is a pretty decent toy. There were many things I enjoyed about it from its texture and girth to its vibration. It is quiet and fairly strong. Found a solution to the waving octopus problem! Now he stays down in place and the little octopus tentacles feel great.

If you're interested in a very low-key vibe, this is for you. Due to the girth, this is not a toy for beginners. Also, the price is too high.

Overall, Pirates Katsuni’s Revenge of the Sea is a decent rabbit vibe. It’s thick and will fill you up, but it has design flaws and may not be suitable for your anatomy. This toy got the job done for me and is very nice to look at, but there are better rabbit vibes out there and this is probably best suited for women who have very sensitive clits.

All in all, I really enjoyed this toy, but it will definitely take some getting used to - not just the size, but also the changes that will be required in my masturbation techniques.

Girthy and strong, the Revenge of the Sea rabbit is a very coolly designed vibrator that works really well on the g-spot but has flaws that are not so easily overlooked.

Overall, the Sea Rabbit is a nice, well made toy with tons of settings and a unique design, but I would say it is not worth the original $100 price tag . If you can get it on sale (though it's now selling for $39.99 here on EF!), do, if not, you'll survive. Be aware of the girth of this toy; it's probably not the best for first time users. But if you enjoy that girth, raised nubby bits, a strong bullet, and if the curve looks like it will tickle your fancy, this one might be right up your alley.

Not Quite The Perfect Storm

This is a unique looking rabbit-style vibrator. It has a curved tip for g-spot stimulation, rotating shaft beads, and an unusual sea creature poised to stimulate your clitoris and labia with its head and tentacles, although it teases more than delivers. Although this is called Revenge of the Sea, it isn’t waterproof and can only be used on dry land.

Finding the perfect rabbit vibrator can be tough. It pays to know what you like when you're hunting for it. This is a great option for women who love girth, texture, firm g-spot pressure and a strong clitoral vibrator.

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